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Google Advanced Search Course

Why Google Advanced Search Skills Matter

Writing goes hand-in-hand with research. Any writer worth their salt makes a continuous effort to hone their research skills in order to stay on top of their game, and one of the most important aspects of research is locating and citing primary sources rather than relying on secondary data.

Google is one of best—if not the best—research tools around. Google constantly strives to present the best possible search results for every query, which means that you as a writer stand a pretty good chance of finding the results you want without too much effort on your part.

However, there are some tips and tricks you can adopt to streamline your research and enjoy more detailed and specific results. For example, you can take advantage of independent Google Advanced Search courses to become a better researcher and learn some shortcuts for your personal use at the same time.

Google itself offers a bevy of tools and Google search courses to hone your search skills, too, including:

  • Google Advanced Search
  • Google Advanced Power Searching

While both of these Google tools offer a more efficient and in-depth way to search, they perform differently.

How to Utilize Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search is an actual web page as well as an excellent resource for narrowing down your search parameters. For example, lets say you remember having once read a PDF online, written at the doctorate level, and containing information you’d like to include and cite in an article.

With Google Advanced Search, you can enter a few keywords and narrow the search by language, reading level and file type (among many other filters), basically helping Google weed out the unwanted search results. When your goal is to find primary sources—and back up your ideas and statistics with links to those sources—the ability to fine tune your search results up front will help you become a more efficient researcher and more authoritative writer.

Google Advanced Search is an all-in-one tool that requires you to think critically, but not to learn a whole new set of skills. That’s what Google Advanced Power Searching is for.

The Benefits of Google Advanced Power Searching

Google offers both Basic Power Searching and Advanced Power Searching self-paced online courses, teaching actual skills that enable you to be a more efficient researcher.

Some of the benefits of the Advanced Power Searching course include:

  • Learning tricks and shortcuts for performing more effective Google searches.
  • Becoming a faster and more efficient fact-finder.
  • Learning to weed out the junk to find more authoritative content by credible sources.
  • The ability to perform much more intricate and complex research.

Advanced Power Search courses are based around a series of challenges that steadily help you sharpen your research abilities.

Unless you’ve taken all of these courses and are an expert at researching on Google, there’s a pretty good chance you stand to learn a lot from any one of the resources mentioned above.

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Check yourself

  1. Did I use primary research, data and source whenever possible?
  2. Did I back up all statistics and data with links to the primary sources for added credibility?