11 Conversion Copywriting Tips & Tricks

General copywriting tips like these are all well and good, but the truth is that when you write copy, your center of focus should be conversions; improving a business's bottom line is what copywriting is all about.

If you're struggling to elicit more conversions from your current copy, you're in the right place. Here are 11 conversion copywriting tips, tricks, and hacks to help you make more money with fewer words.

1. A/B Test Different Headlines

A landing page headline is arguably the most important piece of copy you'll ever write. That said, copywriters rarely hit the spot with their very first headline idea. It takes constant revision and a/b testing to find out which headline is truly the best for your copy.

Example: Test which headline converts better -- The Best Online Contract Agreement Software Ever Made vs. The Simplest Internet Contract Agreement Software Around

Take a look at this list of 10 a/b testing tools for small businesses to get started.

2. Sell a Benefit, Not a Feature

No product's copy ever succeeded solely by selling a feature. Yes, features are great, but your copy should always be promoting the solution to the actual problem your product solves. No customer ever bought something simply because it had 29 cool features -- they bought it to solve a root problem.

Example: Benefit-based copy -- This software will make online contracts a simple reality for your business! Feature-based copy -- This software comes with the ability to change contract terms at any time!

3. Include Statistics

People like numbers. Especially ones that tell them how their life will change for the better once they buy your product. A well-researched, relevant statistic or two in your copy will go a long way towards improving conversions.

After all, humans naturally trust tangible, scientifically-gathered data.

Example: Small businesses see an average client LTV increase of 72% when they incorporate online contracts.

4. Use Proven Headline Formulas

Going back to the most important piece of copy on a landing page, the headline, keep in mind that hundreds of eager copywriters have preceded you and learned what works and what doesn't work in the world of copy headlines. Save yourself a whole lot of testing time by taking advantage of the proven headline formulas out there.

Example: [Number] + [Customer Identification Noun] + [Verb] + [Benefits] + [Product Name] -- 1,201 Small Business Have Experienced a 72% Increase in Online Leads with Awesome Contract Agreement Software!

5. A/B Test CTA Button Text

The right call to action for your landing page isn't always easily found. For some webpages, a standard "buy now" or "add to cart" might be most effective. For others, it isn't so simple. You might need some serious time to play around with different phrases of text until you find the right one.

Example: Start Creating Online Contracts vs. Buy Now

6. Capitalize Power Words

I'm a big fan of using specific words that carry a lot of significance -- like free, you, and new -- in my copywriting. Sometimes, they're better left uncapitalized. On other occasions, you could see a 31.54% jump in conversions when you do capitalize them. It happened to Michael Aagaard of Content Verve when he worked his magic on Betting Expert.

Capitalize Power Words

Example: Sign up to one of our packages to INSTANTLY start creating online contracts!

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of power words, this post on Boost Blog Traffic gives a very thorough explanation (and also lists 317 power words).

7. Use Conversational Words

Most people like to have someone talking with them, but few really enjoy someone talking to them all the time. Does your copy talk with your readers or to them? I hope you answer the former.

To incorporate a more conversational tone into your copy, use conversational words like I, you, we, me, they, etc. and an informal tone.

Example: I've been working on this software for years to help your business grow with online contracts.

8. Punctuate Appropriately

Often, I see copywriters go off on an exclamation point tangent in their copy. I mean, it makes sense, right -- exclamation points convey excitement so by using them a lot one should be able to create an emotional connection with the reader?

Wrong. However friendly they may look, there's a certain time and place for exclamation points (and all other forms of punctuation). And no, that place is not at the end of every sentence.

Example: This software introduces a whole new contract system! (☓) This software introduces a whole new contract system. (✓)

9. Comparison Tables

This conversion copywriting tip is, for some inexplicable reason, seriously underused. Comparison tables essentially compare your product to a competitor's (highlighting your advantages and their disadvantages).

Comparison Tables

Example: The above screenshot of AppPresser's features page is a prime example of how copywriters can use comparison tables to maximize conversions.

10. Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Social proof has always been a biggie in conversions -- all customers want to know that others have preceded their purchase and benefited greatly from it. Yes, third-party statistics are great, but if you can interview a customer of yours and write up a case study on how they were able to solve x problem with your product, your copy's conversions will skyrocket.

Example: See how Tyler Sanders increased his business's leads by 81% with Awesome Contract Software [link to your case study].

11. Play Everything Up with Relevant Adjectives

Do you really think that the addition of one measly, five-character adjective could skyrocket a landing page's conversions by 20%? Well, believe it or not, it happened.

That's the power of adjectives -- they have tremendous impact on a potential customer's psychology. You can exaggerate a benefit or a price with these words.

Example: "pay a $5 fee" vs. "pay a small $5 fee" (research of the 20% increase in conversions the latter resulted in linked to above)

The next time you start writing your copy, keep these 11 conversion copywriting tips in mind. I guarantee that by implementing them wisely you'll see tangible improvements in conversions in no time at all.

Let us know which tip you found most valuable in the comments below!