13 Undeniable Reasons to Start a Business Blog

These days, social media has become incredibly prevalent, not just for people to stay in contact with one another, but as a new platform for businesses to advertise and reach their customers. Just about every business has a website to take advantage of that, but what about a blog?

With all the traffic that a business blog can bring, many business owners still don't have a blog. Are you one of them? Are you on the fence on whether it is really the right direction for your business? Is it a time issue? Those questions will be answered and more, with these thirteen reasons why you need a business blog.

1. It's simple.

Really. You don't have to be a web designer or a computer wiz to create a blog. Your website's platform most likely will already have a blog interface. You just need to use it. All you do is type. As you learn, you can add links, pictures. and infographics, but do what works for you.

2. Having a blog doesn't cost much, if anything at all to run.

You already pay for the website, so there isn't any additional financial cost for the addition of a blog page. The only real cost is your time and energy to create and maintain the blog.

3. It can be fun.

Seriously. Your business is your baby. Just as parents enjoy sharing stories about their children, you will enjoy sharing your thoughts, stories, and anything of interest to you about your business.

4. Businesses who blog acquire more visitors to their website.

Not just a few. Not just one here or there. Would the possibility to increase your website traffic by 55% interest you? It should. An increase in traffic means more customers. Check out this study that Hubspot did about business blogging.

business blogging graph

Image credit: HubSpot

5. It gives your company a voice.

Why do you need a voice? It gives you a human element, something for your customers to relate to and understand. It also gives you more control of your company's reputation.

6. A blog will hone your business focus.

Having a focus for your business goals will not only help your business itself, but your blog. If you don't have a strategy for your business or your blog, your company won't have a direction. With no direction, there is no growth. A business has to have growth to survive.

7. You show that you are an authority in your industry.

Authority = credibility. By sharing your knowledge and thoughts with your customers, you are showing that you know what you are talking about.

8. Your blog builds trust with your customer base.

Customers don't purchase products from companies and businesses they don't trust. Earning their trust by being an authority on your blog and being honest and ethical with your business dealings will ensure your customers trust you (and will refer you to their friends).

9. It allows you to get to know your customers better.

If you don't know your customers, you won't know how to market to them, what they are looking for, what they are willing to spend, and what really matters to them. Having a blog is free market research. They can interact with you and tell you exactly what they want without you having to perform expensive or inaccurate market research.

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Never heard of SEO? Become very acquainted with this. This is why your website isn't getting a lot of hits. Search engines love quality and relevant content, and you can improve your website's chances of being towards the top of that search engine list (which means you are more likely to be clicked on) with a blog.

business blogging google image

 Image credit: Flickr

11. Inviting others to guest blog on your site.

Inviting others not only helps you network with other businesses in your industry, but it also brings their customers to your site. Networking is important for any business, you never know what you might learn from from another business, not to mention helps you build authority.

12. You have a free promotional platform.

With your blog, you now have a place where you can freely promote and advertise your products (and you should be!). Your blog posts can even have a call-to-action, directing them to make a purchase or download information. When you have a new product, you can utilize this space to tell your customers about your product. why it will benefit them, and why they need to purchase it.

13. Your customers and readers will share your content.

When people read something they find interesting, they talk about it and share it with their friends and family. As soon as they start doing that with your blog posts, your reach of your business grows. New viewers will start coming to your website and become customers (see the study mentioned in #4 from Hubspot).

When considering starting a blog for your business for the first time, it can be overwhelming. There seems to be a lot more to it than there really is, until you actually sit down to do it. However, there are a number of reasons (more than just the 13 here) why it is in your business' best interest to start a blog. Need to see some examples? Read a few blogs from others in your industry to see how they have theirs set up. Afterward, devote a little time and harness the power of business and create your business blog.

Do you have a business blog and have other reasons why a business owner should start one? Share with us what you have found to be the best reason to start a blog.