5 Signs Your Company Needs a Blog Writing Service

Blog writing services

A business blog is important for your company’s online visibility, maybe writing just isn’t your cup of tea. Here are five signs you need a blog writing service.

After all, sites with blogs tend to enjoy 55% more visits than those without. Of course, to really see the best results from your blog, several factors must always be at play.

If you’ve noticed your blog just isn’t garnering the results you expected, you may be missing one of the key signs that you’d do better with a blog writing service.

So what are these key signs?

We're glad you asked.

1. Zero Blog

We find it hard to believe that, faced with the statistics above, a company might forego a blog section on its website. However, we understand that sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to research and assemble quality blogs that inform visitors and move potential buyers through the marketing funnel. A good blog takes a lot of time to put together, from fact finding all the way to formatting.   If your blog hasn’t updated in a while or never even got off the ground, you may want to consider a blog writing service. When professionals are on the job, you can be sure you’re posting quality work that will answer a buyer’s questions while also driving more traffic to your website.

2. The Comment Factor

When creating content, you want those “likes,” shares, and comments. They’re an excellent sign that what you’re writing is reaching people. This is only a great thing, of course, if the comments you receive are positive. We’re not suggesting that awesome blogs only get good comments, but we do think you should see more pluses than minuses. As an added test, if you’re seeing lots of negative comments with little to no likes or shares, you may need to rethink your blogging strategy. What do those negative comments say?

If you’re having trouble with grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, you’ll see suggestions (or just plain mean attacks) from those who read. If the content provides nothing of substance, your audience will let you hear that, too. As an even more egregious error, maybe your blogs share unsubstantiated “facts” that just might get you in hot water.

Whatever your reason for raising ire, you might want to consider a blog writing service to turn your blog around. With professionals at the helm, you can go about the things you do best and let someone else take care of grammar, spelling, fact checking, and those pesky keywords.

3. Inordinate Number of Questions

If your “contact us” button sees a lot of action from visitors requesting more information, it might be because you’re letting them down with your website content. A blog is a great place to address the most frequently asked questions.

You can describe products in better detail, share how-to’s and tutorials, give usage suggestions, and even outline your services and customer care.

Putting all this information together takes time, and learning how to do so effectively is only the very first step.

A blog writing service could remove that responsibility from your plate and let you concentrate on doing what you do best.

Professional bloggers know what your customers need, and they’ll create the blog content that makes communication possible.

4. Poor Search Engine Results

Google changes its search algorithm regularly, making it hard for the average business owner to keep up with the newest regulations. If you’re still following old blogging methods, you could be punished by the latest search algorithms. Blogs that still engage in keyword stuffing and sketchy backlinking programs actually receive penalties in the ranking systems, which means all your efforts could be for naught.

A blog writing service is always up to date on the latest search methods, which means your blog could quickly catch up with your competitors’ blogs. Instead of fluffy content that serves only to catch a search engine’s notice, you’ll instead be able to present content that actually answers questions and moves buyers through the sales cycle.

5. Few to Zero Conversions

When all is said and done, the real purpose of your blog is to move buyers through the entire sales cycle with well written and engaging content. The proof is in the pudding. If your conversions are few or nonexistent, then your blog could be at fault. Does your blog include content for visitors in every section of the marketing funnel? Are you providing offers and information that actually help buyers make a decision?

If not, you can be sure they’re looking for answers elsewhere, and that means your competitors are probably picking up the slack. To solve this issue, simply work with a blog writing service. You’ll receive content that focuses on every part of the marketing funnel while also quickly moving buyers from the discovery phase all the way through to a purchase. When done correctly, blogs can even continue delighting those customers well after they’ve made a purchase, which means they’re more likely to come back for more later.

So, there are five huge signs that you need some help writing your business blog. If you’re suffering from any of the above, start considering other options. The bottom line is, you really can’t have a successful online presence without one.

What other signs might indicate a blog service is needed? Are any of these signs plaguing you and your blog right now? Let us know in the comments.