5 Ways to Win Your Customer Hearts With Blogging

Win the Hearts of Your Customers With Blogging
You probably don’t have to look very far to increase your organization’s sales and revenue. The solution to tripling your bottom line could just be your brand’s current customer base. Researchers have found that 80% of your brand’s future profits will come from 20% of your current customer base. Your most-satisfied customers are a invaluable resource for repeat purchases and personalized referrals to their friends and family. While there’s an intense focus among marketers to leverage blogging for lead generation and new customer acquisition, content marketing can also be critical to delighting your current clients.

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Companies that prioritize their customer experience typically experience 60% higher revenue. While traditional methods of customer retention, like hand-written thank you notes, still matter significantly in the digital age; it’s important to approach your blogging strategy with a goal of providing value to your existing clients. We’ve curated some ways to tailor your blogging strategy to delight your current customer base:

1. Smart Web Content

smart content example

image credit: HubSpot

Think back to your first experience with Amazon.com. Wasn’t it amazing - and maybe even a bit creepy - scrolling through their personalized product recommendations? This concept is known as smart (or dynamic) website content, and customizes on-page display in response to user behavior and preferences. In order to establish smart website content you need a content management system (CMS) like HubSpot that’s optimized for dynamic display. The system will work to compile profiles of your website visitors, and tailor the site pages and blogging options according to their unique needs. With the help of a smart CMS, you can ensure your current customers encounter relevant information to help them make repeat purchases, while your first-time visitors are shown more basic content.

 2. Make Your Customer the Star

One of the most effective ways for B2B brands to enchant their customer base can be to shine the spotlight on their clients. Draft a brief case study based on an interview with one of your most-satisfied clients, and provide links to their website. By celebritizing your clients, you’ll achieve social proof that can be critical to purchase decisions among your prospects. Even more importantly, your customer can reap the SEO and exposure benefits of being featured in your blogging.

 3. Invest in Customer-Focused Education

Your existing customer base is probably facing new and different challenges than the ones they encountered as prospects. They’ve purchased your product and service, but are they using it correctly? Do they need to purchase more? Could they benefit from add-ons, or enhancements? The worst thing you can do as a brand is to turn off the stream of educational content resources as soon as someone becomes a customer. As Impact Branding’s Carolyn Edgecomb points out, “the secret to great marketing is love and building lasting relationships.” Make sure your editorial calendar includes content that’s specifically focused on solving your current customer’s problems, whether that’s a video tutorial on how to better use your product, or articles on how they can solve issues.

 4. Give Freebies

People really love free stuff. In fact, one major study found that diners at restaurants typically left 21% better tips if they were given mints with their check. As marketing expert Gregory Ciotti points out, one of the most effective ways to enchant your customers can be to focus your blogging on an exclusive freebie. Bundle a few blog posts into a short offer, or create an advanced whitepaper that’s not available to your prospects or leads, but exclusively reserved for your customers. Between the price tag of zero and the element of exclusivity, your customers can’t help but fall in love with your blogging strategy.

 5. Pay Attention to Details

Unhappy customers aren’t just a risk that your company will lose liability. They’re a public relations liability, and dissatisfied clients are more likely to share their experience with friends and family than happy customers. One of the best examples of a major brand who’s built an empire on tireless attention to detail is retailer Nordstrom - their customer service is positively legendary. It’s not just possible to achieve remarkable customer service and blogging simultaneously- these two factors can combine for outstanding results. Here are some ways to showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction in your content marketing:

  • Showcase How You Respond to Customer Feedback: Did your product team respond to a client’s request for a new flavor or faster shipping? Incorporate these wins into your content marketing.
  • Admit When You Mess Up: Traditional PR wisdom dictates that brands should sweep their mistakes under the rug. However, these rules don’t work in the age of social media. If you’ve made an error that negatively impacts your customers, write a public apology.
  • Acknowlege Your Clients: Blogging isn’t the only way to say thanks to your customers. Use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other forms of media to shine the spotlight.

It doesn’t really matter how sophisticated your brand’s content marketing is, as long as you’re able to provide value to your prospects, leads, and customers. You should never sacrifice content that’s tailored to your customers’ unique needs in order to boost your lead generation. Not only will it likely have a lower ROI, it can diminish your ability to maintain lasting relationships with your clientele.

Have you tailored your blogging efforts to your customer base?