Top 7 Social Media Apps for Digital Marketers

Being a Social Media Manager requires a lot of persistence, time and attention. If you are one, you understand that you have to be the first to know and the fastest to react.

Out of many different things, there are several responsibilities every SMM must carry out:

  • Be aware of all the latest news;
  • Filter and share news with the community;
  • Keep in touch with the audience;
  • Analyze and monitor social media activity.

Have you ever experienced those feelings of worry and unrest when you need to do something immediately from the list above but you aren’t able to because either your laptop is out of your reach or because it’s not convenient to use at the moment?  Probably so and over the past few years, we all have discovered and recognized the importance of social media apps for gadgets.

Mobile apps can really simplify your job when you are on the go. You definitely need to use them to stay updated on the latest trends and be successful.

There are many great apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, Flipboard, Pulse or TweetDeck, and you are probably familiar with them.  I’m going to tell you about some other apps worth paying attention to. They not only help keep you abreast of the latest news but they also help you share content with your readers.

Following is a list of apps I consider being among the best for fulfilling social media duty:

1. Google Currents

google currents, social media apps

First, I’m going to tell you about my favorite media app – Google Currents. Yes, I know it is not brand new, but it’s very helpful, especially after some great options were recently added.

Google Currents lets you choose the most interesting streams by topics and share them in many social networks. It also allows you to browse breaking news in any category, even if you are not subscribed to them. It’s really cool as it minimizes your chances of missing something trendy.

Here are some other features Google Currents allows you to use:

  • Possibility to connect to RSS reader;
  • Possibility to use Currents offline;
  • Possibility to utilize numerous ways of sharing. When I say “numerous” I really mean it; apart from Facebook and Twitter, you can share your content and ideas through Tumblr, Instapaper, Pinboard and Email.

The app’s interface is simple and pretty, and that makes it a default social reader for many people.

Google Currents is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Business Insider

business insider, social media app

Business Insider provides you not only with media news, but also with financial, political, tech and other industry information. Since Media Marketers are required to know much more than just the latest media news, it’s a big plus to be able to choose topics that are important solely to you. This can be easily accomplished as it has everything strictly sorted out leaving little chance for you to become confused.

You may also find the following features useful while using this app:

  • Sharing interesting articles via Email, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter;
  • Saving a post by tapping “Save Article” which is a very useful option;
  • Watching videos, charts, slideshows and other multimedia;
  • Looking through the full comment stream for each post.

BI App is available for both iOS and Android.

3. Mashable!

mashable, social media apps

Mashable! App delivers the latest coverage from You are probably aware that Mashable is the largest social media and digital news source, so the app is a “must-have” for every Media Manager. Besides, the app is really user-friendly thanks to nclud’s great design work.

With Mashable! App you can:

  • Instantly share interesting articles via Facebook and Twitter or by Email;
  • Choose news topic by vertical search;
  • Share your point of view by leaving comments under the news post.

Mashable! App is available for iOS and Android.

4. Hopflow

hopflow, social media apps

Hopflow App enables you to read the latest news delivered to you depending on the list of interests you have chosen. Moreover, you have the possibility to create posts and share them using Hopflow network.

Though you may share your post only through Twitter and Facebook (which may be a bit disappointing and discouraging), there are features that make this app attractive for Media managers such as:

  • Absence of necessity to get followers to let people view your posts as all the content is automatically delivered to relevant people within the Hopflow network;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Absence of subscription to deliver content within the Hopflow network;
  • Possibility to share hops through Facebook and Twitter or Read Later.

Hopflow App is available for iOS.

5. FeeddlerPro


FeeddlerPro is one of the best RSS Reader clients so, trust me, there are reasons to pay for this app. It easily syncs with your multiple Google Reader accounts. What is truly great about this app are many functions you can use offline like:

  • Mark unread, like and share (of course you won’t be able to share anything without internet connection, but sharing will be done automatically as soon as your Internet connection is on again);
  • Share via Twitter with the optional personal account;
  • Cache images for offline reading;
  • Search keywords to find and add feeds;
  • Use Readability, Instapaper, Pocket, Tumblr, Delicious and Pinboard as FeeddlerPro supports all of them;
  • Use Night Mode for making it more comfortable to use the app when it’s dark.

The app may cede to Google Currents, Hopflow and others in design and interface, but its offline abilities and the number of networks FeeddlerPro can sync with make it worthy of your attention.

FeeddlerPro is available for iOS and Android.

6. IMO

imo, social media apps

IMO is an instant messaging aggregator that supports MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte and Steam. It is a perfect tool for those who need to run multiple accounts at the same time and be able to react quickly to any changes in your social network surroundings.

Here are some of the app’s great features:

  • Synchronized accounts: when you sign in to one of the accounts, you automatically sign on to all the others;
  • Voice instant messages: perfect when you can’t type;
  • Fast chat history search;
  • Free voice calls for iPad;
  • Group photo sharing;
  • Real-time image uploads.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

7. Sprout Social

sprout social, social media apps

Sprout Social is a powerful social media tool hidden in a small mobile device that sums all social media activity for you. Of course you can do more with Sprout Social using it as a website, but the app provides you with all the essential options for keeping track of what is going on with your social accounts and react quickly when needed:

  • Smart inbox is there for you, so no worries about missed messages and mentions;
  • Easy-to-use Twitter client;
  • Task dashboard;
  • Outbound reports;
  • Possibility to create and schedule messages from your gadget.

Though Sprout Social is a paid service, it offers a 30 day free trial.

You can use this App with iOS and Android platforms.

I hope that you’ll choose one or several of these apps for your needs and for creating great ideas for your business.

Now, what do you think of the apps mentioned above? It would be great if you could share your experience with us.  What is your favorite social reader? Are there any other apps Social Media Manager cannot survive without?