9 Simple & Powerful Copywriting Tips

Hi! My name is Karri, and I am a consumer. Every day, wherever I turn, someone is trying to sell me something. Most of the time I just scroll on by, but occasionally something catches my eye and makes me click or call.

That something is what professional copywriters strive for in everything they write. I’m going to give you some great copywriting tips in the form of a checklist that will help you catch my eye and make me buy. I’ll start with the two that caught your attention in the title.

1. Simple

Getting my attention is half the battle, and the worst thing you can do is clutter your message and lose me at the halfway mark. This should top every list of copywriting tips ever published: Keep it simple.

2. Powerful

Copy that makes me feel something is very powerful. As a copywriter, emotion is your strongest ally. Not sure where to start? The headline is a great place, catching me at the point of entry and setting my expectations early on. After that, tell me a great story. I love stories.

3. Connective

Great copy makes me feel connected with your product, service, brand or other customers. There are some terrific, established copywriting formulas and copywriting resources that can help you deliver great connective copy. I suggest you use them.

Also, try focusing on the benefits of your product or service rather than the features. Work the benefits into your message in a way I can relate to. How? Tell me how the features will make my life easier or better.

4. Authoritative

You are the expert, and I need to believe it. One very effective way of establishing authority - while simultaneously knocking down the the barriers to acceptance - is to answer my strongest objections. By addressing objections up front, you show me that you have a thorough understanding of me, my problem and the solution. That makes me trust you.

5. Informative

What? Why? How? I need to know. A strong headline or title should sum up the first question nicely. Next, explain what I will get in exchange for investing my time and money. Finally, tell me how to get it, and make it so easy that a third grader could do it. Go ahead, I promise I won’t take offense.

Make me desire, then help me acquire.

6. Proven

Facts and stats are funny things; they help me rationalize my decisions. I might want the new car because it’s shinier than my old beater, but when you add in the fact that it gets 20 more miles to the gallon and has great safety statistics, my decision to buy it will suddenly seem a lot more rational. Also, by backing up your claims with proof, you help me trust you.

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7. Unique

Sure, there are a million other widgets out there, but your widget is one-of-a-kind, because ___________. If you can fill in that blank in ten words or less, you’ve got a compelling message. Even if you’re selling the same product a dozen other e-tailers are selling, your product or company is different. I want to know how.

  • Lower price point?
  • Free shipping?
  • Added service?
  • Local business?
  • Great return policy?
  • Green manufacturer or business?

Define the unique quality of your product or service -- that’s your strongest selling point -- and sum it up in one short, sweet sentence.

8. Transparent

Honesty is the best policy, at least in most things, and copywriting is no exception. The old-timey traveling charlatans who hawked cures for everything from baldness to freckles were betting on one thing -- that their future customers wouldn’t catch on to their tricks. Fortunately for me, the internet exists, and everything you do lives on forever through reviews.

Chances are good that you aren’t selling a cure-all, so focus instead on the very best thing your product can do and build on that. If you’ve had problems, own up to them, then explain the improvements you’ve made. Be transparent in every possible way and I will come to trust you. If I trust you, I'm much more likely to become your customer.

9. Urgent

Your service is wonderful! It’s unique, and compelling, and backed up with oodles of data! However, I think I will wait for a month or a year to sign up. That is, unless you can give me a good reason to do it now.

It’s your job as a copywriter to make me act now. Limited quantities, unique offers, or the simple act of showing me how it will make my life better immediately will usually do the trick. Whatever your method of persuasion, make it strong and to the point then show me the dotted line.

I hope that helped give you, the copywriter, an idea of what I’m looking for as a consumer. Can I answer anything else for you? Share in the comments!