Tips for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Hope you all had a great marketing week, and weekend is time for helpful reading. Grab some ideas to upgrade your social media and content strategy, learn more about videos from experts, and learn how powerful guest blogging is. Stay tuned!

A Simple Story About the Power of Publishing Content on the Open Web

Social Media Marketing Strategy - A Simple Story About the Power of Publishing Content on the Open WebThis personal content creation story stresses out that every simple person can grow into an online authority through writing. Josh Hanagarne explains how he started writing for Copyblogger, and expressed his gratitude to Brian Clark and Sonia Simone who gave him this life-changing opportunity.

Moreover, Josh emphasizes his fortune but encourages all those who might want to write but are still doubtful.

Confidence in your success and enthusiasm to create if you feel like it's your talent are essential for building a successful writing career. You shouldn't hesitate to start guest blogging as well - it's the most powerful drive for your authority.


Develop an Audience-Centric Content Strategy

In order to increase customer engagement, you've got to make your content strategy customer-friendly. Conduct buyer persona analysis by identifying your groups, doing the breakdown, identifying the groups' needs and the corresponding company solutions.

Then you need to select keywords that will be associated with each group (1-3 words each). The list of these simple phrases should be completed after a keyword research according to the industry. Differentiate them - some keywords are great for all readers while the others are appropriate for specific groups. The most important thing is to identify brand, industry and audience centric keywords!

12 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy With Real Science

Your content strategy has to be persuasive enough, just as Blaise Pascal wrote. Introduce trustworthy social proof to engage more readers or make them react the way your company needs. The real example of Volkswagen ad proves how important it is to become negative in your content. It would be a surprise to learn that rhymes are really powerful when it comes to headlines.

Your company might also need to reduce the number of product options presented in your content. Though "free" is claimed as a powerful motivating word, the recent Inbound Marketing Agents research shows that "value at no cost" is a more effective phrasing. Give gifts and personalize every content creation of yours!

Video Content Planning for Events: 5 Hard-Won Lessons

Planning an event and need more attendants? Your video might help you win their interest! The real experience from five experts will help you a lot as video production requires tons of hard work, especially if you haven't done anything like that before. Each of the lessons lists a problem and is supported by a valuable example.

Extend the value of your footage, make your content evergreen, don't miss any great opportunities to tell a story, combine thought leaders together, and get used to producing videos both for and from the event.

20 Data-Backed Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing [SlideShare]

Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing

You'll be suprised to learn how many ways your familiar tools may be used to extend the efficiency of your company's online activity. A research by HubSpot explains why you should put "guru" to your profile, stay active on Facebook on weekends, ask questions, use links for retweets, always stay positive, and many more.

20 tips contain good advice on how to engage and provoke interest in your company's followers or fans. Summing up, you need to be customer-oriented and demonstrate your business personality! One of the best things about the article is that all the ideas are comfortable to retweet.

What is your personal inspirational story you would like to share with other content creators? Have you tried the tips for social media marketing strategy? Are there any other ways to increase content creation efficiency? Please share your ideas in the comments below.