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Email should be the power player of your inbound marketing strategy.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s still an incredibly effective method of connecting with consumers. The Direct Marketing Association reports that email drives more ROI than any other form of outreach for 67% of companies, and it’s the top source for new sales for 30% of marketers.

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3-5 seconds. Generally, that’s all the time you have to convince a first-time website visitor to remain on your page, and begin a lasting relationship with your brand. Research by the NN Group has found that while the average website visit lasts less than 60 seconds, the first ten seconds are the most important in how a prospect will perceive your website, and ultimately your company.

That means that fancy flash designs, enormous images, or any other elements which can slow your load time to a crawl are definitely out of the question.

The modern marketer’s job is to create a web experience that communicates everything wonderful and unique about their company in mere seconds. Sounds easy enough, right?

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