Big Blog Ideas: How to Inspire Your Audience

How does one not only get ahead of competition, but create an entirely new niche in business? What does it take to practically revolutionize the work process at HubSpot, Reebok, Google, and Apple, just to name a few?

Today, our source of inspiration is IdeaPaint, a company that – that's right! - sells paint. Although that is not all they do. They are seen as innovators. How? By turning any surface into a dry erase surface. IdeaPaint gives us an opportunity to express any spontaneous idea immediately, and turn it into action. In order to convince someone to buy their product, IdeaPaint conducted some serious strategic planning. That's where we could learn a few things from the game-changers.

Who Needs This?

IdeaPaint knows its ideal audience. They are establishments where a lot of creative thinking takes place, a lot of brainstorming, a lot of high-level interaction, and a lot of fast-paced work processes. IdeaPaint provides content for people who perceive success as a result of team effort. That includes businesses that are always on the lookout for ways to make a difference and to get ahead of competition.

Big Ideas Blog: For a Little Inspiration.

Does the company benefit from having a blog incorporated into their official website? Absolutely. It is a part of IdeaPaint's strong content marketing plan and gives the brand personality. Big Ideas Blog stores plenty of outstanding motivational content, which is divided into different categories and consistently promoted via social platforms. Since their focus is to help generate better ideas faster, a large part of their blog content is about ways to improve your creative process. Essentially, Big Ideas Blog includes lots of visual content, which leads to higher engagement rates and greater reach.

Motivate by example

An entire section of the blog is dedicated to the #MARK50 series, the primary purpose of which is to celebrate fifty innovators. Those same fifty innovators' stellar ideas and commitments affected businesses or certain industries in the best way possible. This is yet another source of inspiration for the readers.

Engage, Not Force

Did I mention that when browsing through their blog, you will not find a banner that screams: "Don't forget to give us your money today!' or "Buy this bucket of paint and get a free T-shirt!"? You will be able to take in valuable tactics on how to increase your productivity and how to be a better version of yourself without being bogged down by annoying ads and distracting sales pitches.

You will feel enthusiastic about making a purchase after reading the success stories and watching videos of people, whose work process has been greatly influenced by IdeaPaint. That is the beauty of being exposed to a quality blog: being able to obtain information you are looking for instead of a product or service being forced upon you.

Don't Forget About the Bigger Picture

Needless to say, Big Ideas Blog is a part of a bigger content marketing tactic.

IdeaPaint provides eBooks, available for download on the company website, free of charge. The goal of the eBooks, of course, is to educate you on how "a collaborative environment gets you to better results faster." The website doesn't force you to buy their paint, instead, you are encouraged to make smarter choices, explore your creativity, and develop team spirit among the company coworkers.

Cross-Channel Interaction Is a Must

Social media plays an important role as well, hence the social follow buttons on the company website. Facebook and Twitter are two primary ways of communicating with their audience, but they also use Pinterest and Google+ to make their content available to larger crowds and raise the brand awareness. The company is very active when it comes to establishing relationships with people in their target group. Check out their Twitter page to see the amount of interaction with their followers. Read about their contests (such as Bad Poetry Day) and numerous giveaways. The brand celebrates milestones and always shares the happy news. Whether it is their first Vine, or first 20,000 followers on Facebook, their audience is always the first to find out.

Turns out, inspirational blog content, that is also relevant to your audience, can and most likely will help you gain credibility and establish trust. Do you have any creativity-inducing strategies? Are there any special tips you always follow when writing for your blog? Let us know!