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It may be a rare occasion when content marketers, social media marketers, sales professionals, and CEOs all see eye-to-eye on a topic, but it happened in businesses worldwide this week. The occasion? July turned into August, and the realization set in that there were only a few more weeks left of summer. While your opportunities to soak up some sun in 2013 are quickly drawing to a close, take your tablet outdoors to improve your marketing game while enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s been an incredible week in the content marketing realm, and we’ve had a blast curating a list of our favorite stories from around the web. From a trending case study on visual content marketing on Facebook, to brilliant analysis of the latest industry study, this list has everything you need to recharge your marketing batteries in the final stretch before your weekend.

11 Ways to Breathe Life into Your Email Newsletter

Email newsletter content is a pretty tricky subject. Not only do marketers need to juggle the demands of mobile-optimization and CAN Spam regulations, they need to create content that compels subscribers to keep opening and clicking on their communications. If your email metrics to date have been decidedly mediocre, many of Allison Novak’s suggestions on the Marketing Trenches blog offer the potential to transform your results and bottom line. Can you customize your template to promote events and fresh offers? Are you including a table of contents for longer communications, and continually striving for relevant content marketing? It’s entirely possible to create emails that people want to read, and Novak explains exactly how.

Using Storytelling to Tell Business Goals

Did you miss the Google hangout earlier this week, hosted by PR Newswire and CommPRO.biz, which featured leading content marketers sharing their thoughts on brand storytelling? That’s okay, because Polina Opelbaum delivers one of the best recaps we’ve encountered. Regardless of your prowess at integrating brand narrative with content marketing, there’s something to be learned and applied from this read, which includes a litmus test of success for companies that may be struggling to create a comprehensive story. Discover the most-common reasons that business narratives fail to engage an audience, as well as examples of highly technical brands communicating their messaging just right.

The Best Content Marketing Formats

It’s clear that custom content creation is a key channel for companies across all industries, but what does content even mean? A recently survey by Digital Sherpa found some surprising and less surprising answers, which ranged from blog articles to mobile apps. Not only does the data delve into the types of content used most often, it covers the types of outreach bloggers find most challenging, as well as the types driving the biggest results. Heidi Cohen has secured a position as an industry thought leader due to her uniquely actionable approach, and this week’s article is no exception. If you’re looking to expand your strategy to include longer content, or mobile-optimized materials, this overview could provide exactly the insight you need to get started.

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Do Brand Characters Help or Hurt Visual Content Marketing on Facebook?

Brand characters are far older than content marketing. In the days when print advertising and television were a primary medium for relaying corporate messaging, consumers grew to recognize and love a host of fictional heroes, including Ronald McDonald, the Jolly Green Giant, and the Energizer Bunny. However, do these characters translate well to the digital realm? Mark Kelley shares an original, fascinating case study on Convince & Convert, which tracks the success of well-known brand’s mascots on social media. If you’re considering creating a brand hero, this article has everything you need to create one that’s perfect for your online audience.

Google’s Matt Cutts Give Content Curation a Thumbs Up

Marketers everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief when Matt Cutts, head web spam fighter at Google, announced in a recent interview that content curation is a perfectly ethical tactic for companies worldwide. Is every form of using and repurposing other people’s work fine in the largest search engine’s eyes? Not quite, and stealing or copying will always be a surefire way to get your content strategy blacklisted from appearing in search results. Many curation experts will be unsurprised by Cutt’s advice, which includes the practice of carefully screening content to avoid creating a feed that’s a flood of republished work. Essentially, content curation should be a tool for adding value to your original work, not drawing traffic by publicizing someone else’s labor. The video is well-worth watching, and could inspire you to include more quotations, videos, infographics in your content strategy in the weeks to come.

How do you create compelling email newsletter content? What is your approach to adding value to your content marketing strategy through curation? Share your thoughts in the comments – we can’t wait to hear your take!