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Generally, when online marketers discuss social media marketing, we straightaway start thinking about headlinescontent quality, and content marketing strategy. While those three are definitely all very important factors of a successful social media marketing strategy, there’s still one important component we often forget to consider – blog design.

Yes, believe it or not, your blog design does have an impact on how many social shares your posts will get — and a rather significant one at that. Here are 15 ways to ensure that your design is as social media friendly as possible.

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Creating share worthy blog content is an art that many bloggers seem to struggle with. Instead of following a well-defined content marketing strategy, they rely on luck for their posts to get some social love.

That, obviously, is the wrong to go about it.

Over the years, successful bloggers have converted this art into science, and have closely studied every factor that leads to creating viral blog content. While there are a number of things that contribute to a blog post’s social potential, using high impact buzzwords comes close to the top of the list of factors that make people share blog content.

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Google Authorship is a unique markup that allows you to connect your Google+ account with your blog posts and website. When you have Google Authorship enabled, your Google+ profile picture appears alongside your website link in Google’s search results.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the Authorship bandwagon and claimed your markup, it’s high time that you did. Here are 15 reasons why.

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I’m confident that for most social media managers, the path to gaining engagement isn’t always simple.

While research is pretty clear that visual content reigns supreme, this rule isn’t always absolute:

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Every marketing professional knows what it’s like to pen a brilliant post, create a custom image, source the perfect quote, and…hear crickets. Your fans just don’t see the brilliance behind your post the way you do. While there’s no substitute for mapping out your brand’s unique buyer persona profiles, learning from the best in the business could be just the inspiration you need.

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Are you pretty clueless when it comes to Google+?

Unfortunately, it’s probably time for a crash course. Recent studies reveal that the social network has pretty much come out of nowhere to register 1.15 billion people as members. While its engagement rates are arguably much lower than Facebook or Pinterest, you can’t ignore the large percentage of its members who use the platform on a regular basis. We’ve compiled everything you need to get started crafting engaging, effective, and otherwise epic Google+ posts:

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2011 was the year of social media. 2012 was the year companies began to realize the value of content marketing. And 2013? That was when these seemingly disparate marketing practices began to convene. As inbound marketing becomes more and more mainstream, businesses are increasingly choosing to align their content marketing and social media into a unified form of outreach.

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Your marketing strategy will never be complete if you don’t maintain a social media presence. Just like with anything else, taking proper care of your accounts can be extremely time-consuming and ineffective unless you have the right tools at your disposal. If you don’t have time to experiment with a large variety of tools in order to find one that is right for you, a good idea would be to consult several experts. Luckily for all of us, a few social media influencers were very helpful and told us about their most favorite social media tools.

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