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Another marketing week is over, and today we are going to learn how to use other companies for our content marketing advantage! Besides, you will find 34 valuable content marketing reports along with the ways to turn one blog post idea into a hundred posts. Share your views on these ideas in comments below!

How to Turn One Idea Into a Bottomless Backlog of Blog Posts

Social Influence - A Bottomless Backlog of Blog PostsOnce you have an idea, it's easy to start writing something but coming up with a fresh idea in the first place is rather difficult. But in fact blogging is not exactly about inspiration – the efficiency of your writing depends heavily on your discipline and regiment.

The example of how one idea can be transmitted into dozens of blog posts is demonstrated: choose your topic and category to add some angle to your writing, choose your target audience, select the best structure and choose suitable format (the latter may have various combinations). Then you should pivot your headline to generate additional story angles. In case you ran out of ideas, try to highlight a certain category in your broad topic idea.

How Co-Marketing Can Expand Your Reach

When you are on a tight budget but gave inspiring marketing goals, you should definitely think about co-marketing. It's a process of aligning your marketing powers, resources and business interests with other similar companies to get the scale economy and synergy effect.

There are four basic tips on how you go on with co-marketing. First, you have got to make it a win-win offer for your potential partner. One of the best ways to engage with successful businesses is to give more than get, at least at the first stages. Joining your marketing campaign should also be as easy as visiting you at a barbecue party in the backyard.

You need to do debriefing after each common action to make sure everybody is happy and feels content with the efficiency of shared efforts.

How To Leverage the Science of Relationships to Gain True Influence

There are four principal stages in gaining influence, and it's always a cooperation of two and more parties. The first step is awareness, then you move to knowledge, the next stop is liking and the last one is preference given to the influencer's advice.

The science behind the mechanism of expanding influence is simple: the closer your potential fans are to you and your business, the higher your chance is to really influence them. You can significantly influence the closeness to your audience online by listening to them on social media channels, participating in relevant Twitter chats, discovering unfamiliar platforms and cataloging all the locations your audience turns for information to.

34 Essential Research Reports for More Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing implies reading white papers and reports on a regular basis for the inflow of fresh information, content curation, following trends and many other reasons. The most valuable reports include wide statistics on current business trends, and it's always better to rely on several data sources to confirm your decision in content marketing.

The article presents a list of 34 valuable content marketing reports that also include data on B2B and B2C trends, regional statistics, survey results and many other points.

8 Ways to Ease the Pain of Blog Commenting

Social Influence - Commenting

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How to write a proper blog comment? At times, when you see no question in the article, you may feel puzzled about what to write in your comments apart from the boring «Thank you for such a nice post!» There are several rules of blog commenting and etiquette that will help you to get noticed and get all your questions be answered.

First, try to comment on the article as early as possible not to repeat earlier comments or be lost for the author under the pressure of comments left for newer articles. Share your experience and ask a question yourself. If your opinion on the subject is different, disagree in a clear form. You can also tell how helpful the blog has been for you.

Valuable comments are those that add new sense to what is already there, so try to elaborate.

Your comment should be readable, and make sure you got yourself familiar with older comments to avoid confusion and repetition.

Do you find blog commenting difficult? What sources do you use to download the best reports and white papers? We are all eyes and ears to get your opinion in comments below!