Best Mix: Content Marketing, Humor, Automation

This week we are going to investigate how content marketing works with other tools including marketing automation, quality images, humor, and traditional marketing technologies. Stay tuned!

What a Notorious 16th-Century Philosopher Can Teach You About Content Marketing TodayWhat a Notorious 16th-Century Philosopher Can Teach You About Content Marketing Today

Have you read Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince when you were in high school or college? One of the «hottest discussion» books also teaches us important content marketing lessons.

The success behind the book depends on the ideas that are not unique but still very different from the publication of the time when The Prince initially came out. Moreover, it is far from boring, and the passion behind the words gave it internal life. Niccolo Machiavelli teaches us how to be remembered, how to cause an intelligent uproar and how to stir controversies.

Get More out of your Marketing Automation with Interactive Content

If you unite content marketing with marketing automation, you will definitely get amazing results including 50% click rates growth, 80% lead form completion growth and social sharing increased by 20%. Some of the top companies’ examples are included.

Content marketing is the best fit for your e-mail campaigns while personality tests are great for lead generation and qualification. Interactive content insures that the links to your website are shared 5 times more frequently than before! It’s definitely worth the effort.

Boost Your Content The Power of Quality Images

Can you believe that a valuable article with text-only information is not attractive for potential social media sharers? Right, you need to work on the visuals as well – photos and pictures are the easiest ones.

Besides adding a picture to your blog post, you also need to make sure it's easily sharable. High-quality images with a square shape will prevent awkward crops, and Pinterest is your top social media channel when it comes to pics. Experiment with your visual stuff to guarantee the good looks on your readers' newsfeed. If content is king, your images might be the crown, so don't miss out this opportunity!

A Strategic Map for Better Use of Content Marketing Technologies

What makes content marketing technologies so different form other marketing tools? You need a special strategy here. First, use traditional tools – map out the situation and the plan, identify the gaps and the solution to fill them.

The four steps of content marketing would be creation, optimization, promotion, and analyzing. All these four categories also have advanced techniques that you can work on using engagement, curation, conversation, content collaboration, and social content analytics tools.

Content Marketing - HumorFaux Pas and Slam Dunks in the Marketing Humor World

Humor in your content marketing is a way to show that your company wants customers to enjoy themselves, smile, laugh and be happy. However, you need to make sure your humor is used properly, and top companies' examples with videos attached will guide you on this.

For example, AT&T uses cute children's answers to prove its efficiency and touch people's hearts. Old Spice has a funny advertisement about men's duties and role in women's lives. The failure of Dr. Pepper shows how humor can push off a good part of your potential customers.

What is your experience with using humor on your blog posts – was it successful or not? Did Niccolo Machiavelli teach you something related to marketing? Go ahead and voice your opinion!