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This week's marketing news discusses the ways to increase e-mail deliverability, improve motivation for writing, Facebook Mobile App content optimization and tips on how to create high quality content. Stay tuned and check the best articles out!

How to Design Emails to Reach the Inbox

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E-mail deliverability is vital for building trustful and loyal audience for your business. Haven't you faced situations when people never respond to your company's messages?

In fact, you need to improve the quality of your message and make sure it is creative enough.

Preview pane is also essential because it determines whether your e-mail will be opened or not. And in order not to be considered a spammer, you need to build trust with a range of significant features.

Some of the common spam points you are highly recommended to avoid are misspellings, large font, repetitive keywords, white fonts on white background, grey or red fonts, attachments and many more.

9 Tips on Creating Content for People Who Hate Writing

If you're not a professional writer but still have to contribute to your company's blog, don't panic – it can become less painful if you follow some guidelines on how to write high quality content.

Start by using pen and paper, dictate your thoughts to yourself, don't be too official or professional and keep your wordflow flawless.

Don't give grammar or spelling too much thinking and learn to type faster than before. If you are really struggling with your writing, ask some of your friends or family members to put social pressure on you – time constraints and regular checks really work!

Moreover, if your colleague or friend looks over what you've written, you'll feel relieved as the pressure of making it perfect at once will be taken away. Timer isn't so personal but it can also be helpful.

How to Optimize Your Social Content for the Facebook Mobile App

600 million people use Facebook mobile apps on their smartphones, and the experience is quite different from desktop Facebook. As a marketer, you have to generate eye-catching newsfeed posts and pay attention to the visual component. All things considered, simplicity, proper amount of words and uniqueness are the keys to success on Facebook Mobile.

Another question is how to optimize your ads for the mobile interface. Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories are the only kinds of ads that work on Facebook as right-sided ads do not exist in Facebook Mobile.

Don't forget about the post-click experience – in order to convert viewers into customers, you need to make sure your landing pages and other post-click experiences are mobile-optimized.

Content Marketing 101: Creating Advanced Content

Wondering about how to build authority in your niche? Advanced high quality content includes e-books, white papers, case studies, webinars, coaching and training videos, and high-impact research presentations. Doubtlessly, advanced content takes more time and money to be produced.

Start by determining the subject and continue by being detailed. Don't forget to provide evidence to your arguments and identify your sources – it's not only a tribute to the information providers but also a way to build long-term relationship through co-promotion.

Are You a Marketing Artist or Scientist?

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Are you more creation-oriented or research-oriented marketer? You most likely know the answer to this question. If you are better at producing a great interview, a captivating blog post or making a fascinating video, you're an Artist of Marketing. If you prefer SEO, numbers and figures or video landing page, you're a Marketing Scientist. Each of these has its strong and weak points.

The Artist is original, entertaining and remarkable but he may have troubles measuring whether his fun quality content leads him to the goals.

The Scientist is good at increasing content profitability and applying tools to measure the impact of blog posts but he does not use people's emotions that much, so has a risk of a lower drive in customers. The conclusion is simple – learn to be both with the help of these handy tips!

What do you think of Facebook Mobile App and its importance for small business marketers? Got any thoughts or a personal story to share in terms of advanced quality content? Don't hesitate to leave your comments below.