Death of Keyword Tool & Other Marketing News

One more week in the marketing world has come to the end, and we can highlight the most prominent discussions and share the most valuable articles. Thus, content marketers have discussed content strategy, small business lead generation techniques, Facebook Insights new features, the death of Google Keywords Tool, shared their tips and tricks on creating viral content and discussed social strategies for business.  For those who had not time to track the news but want to keep abreast of all marketing trends we’ve curated the most interesting articles from the past week.

Six Secrets of Contagious Content [infograph]

good content

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Great content can help raise brand awareness and drive traffic and leads. The best content is aimed at engaging, entertaining and educating readers, it invokes emotional triggers which not only interest the reader, but compel them to share content as well.

Understanding what drives readers to share content, you have all the chances to create contagious piece of content.

Create practically interesting, engaging and useful content that make people look or feel special, and they’ll tell others about you. Don’t forget to evoke emotions (either positive or negative) in people’s hearts as the research by Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman has found that one emotion results in 2.9 hours of a total additional time spent on the article (amount of time a reader is willing to spend on reading and consuming your article). And surely provide value to your readers as the more useful piece you create, the more shares on social media you’ll get.

How to Use the New Facebook Insights

If you’re a big fan of innovations and changes, you might enjoy changes coming from Facebook. Those guys are constantly working on improving their service features, and Facebook Insights wasn’t an exception.

The improved user interface, best post types, possibility to see individual page visits, benchmarking which lets you compare the data over the time are among those great features that will allow you to make right marketing decisions related to your Facebook content marketing.

Discover updated Facebook Insights with Jon Loomer who will guide you through all new features and how to use them to have more effective interactions with your audience and refine your content strategy accordingly to reach marketing goals.

10 Ways to Defeat Obscurity: Tips for Authors Who Want to Get Noticed (Infographic)

Being a blogger you wish to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by the readers. You have a lot to say and the only challenge you face is finding the right audience that’ll be interested in the knowledge you want to share with them.

If this is your case, the infographic from YourWriterPlatform will be of great help. Incorporate their 10 simple and easy suggestions into your marketing strategy, and you’ll connect with your fans in no time.

12 Free Keyword Tools To Replace Google’s Keyword Tool


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Have you heard that Google shut down their widely popular and extremely helpful Google Keyword tool replacing it with Google Planner tool? If you used to work with it, you might be shocked and at a loss having no idea what to do next.  Don’t worry – Joe Hall from InternetMarketingNinjas has taken care of you.

Having made a research, he has compiled a list of 12 different free tools available online to replace Google’s Keyword Tool. Take your time to review them, and I’m sure you’ll find the tool to meet your needs!

3 Subhead Blunders That Make Readers Bounce From Your Blog

Attracting readers’ attention is tough especially when there are tons of other articles appearing on the web every minute. You’ve studied lots of literature on audience engagement and are absolutely sure you’re doing everything right. Great ideas of articles that are helpful to your readers, catchy headlines to grad your readers’ attention and stellar sounding content… You’ve done everything but your readers still leave your blog after spending just a few seconds here? Then it’s high time to pay attention to subheads!

Gary Korisko stresses the importance of subheadings as they ease content scanning and help readers determine whether or not to go on reading. Explaining why 3 most common blunders (the plain label subhead, the spoiler subhead, and the cryptic subhead) cause subheadings to fail, he provides examples of great subheadings and specifies 4 main ingredients of killer subheadings: curiosity, surprise, personality and emotion. Read this great article for getting more insights on how to create great subheadings that hook your readers’ interest.

Have you already found an alternative to Keywords Tool? What other tips for creating viral content do you know? Are you using Facebook insights and what practical help you get out of it? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below – we’ll be happy to discuss!