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Ladies and gentlemen, prick up your ears for some interesting reading on the marketing world. You know that content’s a king these days, right? And that’s why we’ve got to learn how to become content kings as well!

Epic Content Marketers: 20 More Women Who Rock

Although generating leads into customers is a highly valuable skill, sometimes content marketing just becomes a part of our professional or even personal life.

Epic content often comes out of real life experience, so you produce it, and then you live it.

Sonia Simone, Mary Meeker, Brandee Barker and many others devote their creativity to content – and they are quite successful in it.

Look at the inspiring examples from rocking women in this fascinating LookBook – they all deserve their titles of Content Machines!

7 Ways to Write A Damn Bad Copy

These are smart tips on what not to do in your copywriting. Don’t be a words lyricist, a sentimental student, an outlandish lie-teller, or a senseless humorist.

Besides, you need to give enough details without an impression of Mr. Smarty Pants. Never try to make your piece of writing look like an advertisement. Anyway, the focus on your target audience is the answer to all questions – just stop loving yourself and learn to love the ones you write for!

How to Prepare For the Upcoming Changes of Google Enhanced Campaigns

There are many things you should look forward to. Devices are no longer separated from computers in terms of traffic.

As mobile ads grow, small businesses are going to benefit sufficiently by switching your bids from computer to tablet users. Moreover, it's possible to bid on those mobile users who are closer to your physical location. Sitelinks will gain more weight, and call data will be tracked much easier. Now you need to plan your ad campaigns before June 2013 because when something global like Google changes, you've got to be prepared!

The Marketer's Go-To Guide for Creating Data-Based Content

data-based content

Image credit: Data Value by Brian Solis

You know that real unique data adds authority to what you're saying in your research or article, right?

However, sometimes we all just break rack our brains over the sources of such data and the ways to apply it.

In fact, there are 7 tools you can use to fish for data, and 5 types of content where your figures will look stunningly. Bottlenose, HubSpot, SocialMention and other instruments work great to fill your company’s annual reports, new industry analysis or case studies!

How Pinterest Helped a Mom Win Major Brands as Clients

This success story is a great example how content on social media has turned a simple blogger into a Hollywood-level professional. Now Stacy is a respected consultant to world-known brands and a brand ambassador on social media. She has 254,300 followers on Pinterest! You don't have to scratch through all the content to become successful – do it like Stacy and try to stay on the very top of the content world by following only the best sources.

Stacy Teet has always tried out the new tools as soon as they came out, connected with new people every week and has gone mobile in everything she did. Stacy also has an interesting approach to visual content. She thinks it's the best way to perceive information, and tools like FlipBoard visualize even RSS or Twitter feeds.

Got some other exciting news from this week? Any epic successes to share? Don’t be shy and tell us what happened to you this week!