Amazing Tools & Strategies to Boost Your Business

Hello everyone! I guess you are hungry for new tools to solve your small marketing problems, and here they go! Hooking content, small business storytelling, social media strategy sources, Google+ Hangouts instructions along with the upcoming innovation in LinkedIn Contacts – how can you miss all that?

Why You Should Create Content With a Hook

Creating memorable and catchy content requires to be innovative and touching: a chosen format you'll stick to will add structure to your content while the hook will add some character to it. You can try making valuable videos like Devin Graham who creates energetic videos about extreme sports. Devin releases a fresh music video every week introducing music for young hip boys who love his experiments.

Such an appeal generated 300 weekly subscribers and more than 56 million views in a year. Follow Devin's example in driving successful demand from your audience!


13 More Social Media Strategy Blogs You Should Be Reading

Here is the list of 13 blogs dedicated to how exactly you should fulfill your social media objectives. Jay Baer's Convince and Convert, Mari Smith's blog focused primarily on Facebook strategies, Windmill Networking, Social Triggers, Kyle Lacy and many more are the brainiest and most engaging resources on how to turn your social media community into customers.

Each blog is mostly dedicated to a certain topic but anyway there is a bit of everything that is helpful for small businesses!

How to Build an Audience with Google+ Hangouts

Did you know that human media is a new emerging layer of social media? It assumes that you actually see your audience, check on their facial expressions and movements. Face-to-face interaction is more beneficial as your reader/viewer feels not like a follower but a participant of your conversation.

Google+ Hangouts and human media will help you to build your online audience effectively. Don't you want to provide your audience with hours of instructional content? Over time your online classes might be filled, and then you can switch to Hangouts on Air. Recommendations on how to invite and engage people are provided.

google hangout

LinkedIn Launches New Contacts Tool to Make Relationship Management Easier

LinkedIn started testing the new Contacts features, so it is more than likely that we will all try them as well. So, the contacts are pulled to one place and helpful notifications provide support. LinkedIn Contacts will also be accessible through an iPhone app.

You might wonder how marketers benefit from this innovation. You forge co-marketing partnerships, you connect with journalists and media with secured PR coverage, your salespeople stay in touch and nurture leads and prospects while you can also source contributors for guest blogging. Isn't that wonderful?

Use the Power of Storytelling to Grow Your Small Business

Did you know that Adam Smith named the written word one of the three great human inventions? The only older thing is the marketplace, so early business storytelling is essential for the emergence of modern selling skills. Want a high touch to your customers? Try telling a story.

There are several things you should do with your story. They all start with a “C” letter: connect, convey, create. It is pure humanity in words, and small businesses are the face of humanity and personal touch in the marketplace. No other market sector can provoke personal feelings as strong as a small business can. Your story doesn't have to be long – just get down to telling it, and you'll see how customers will react!

What's your vision on Google+ Hangouts? What stories did you tell your customer as a small business? Are you aware of other blogs that enlighten on the social media strategy? Please share what you think below.