Dana White at NMX 2013: How to Conquer Social Networks

Just as I promised, I keep on going with the latest NMX 2013 updates from Las Vegas. There were so many social business gurus there that one blog post just isn't enough to tell a good tale. So let’s talk about Dana White, UFC President, as he was undoubtedly one of the more colorful figures in attendance. His engaging Twitter posts literally capture the hearts of more than 2 million followers, and it's not simply a coincidence. Here’s what Dana lists as his top priorities in working with UFC fans:

1. Be real and honest with your customers.

Dana White, social network

Dana White emphasizes how critical it is not to annoy anyone with sales ads or unwanted information. Just put yourself in your client's shoes and post what you would personally like to read.

Real-life pictures, jokes and true emotions — that’s what makes your company's Twitter page, Facebook or blogs especially attractive. Sure, there are probably some shared interests, but your common sense will help you out immensely.

Don't be afraid to involve real people from your business in your social networking and, if their communication style is informal, it makes it even that more appealing.

2. There is always time to talk to your fans/clients, even if you are a big company. It just takes a little more time.

UFC is extremely popular, just as the social page of its president is. However, even if you are a company president, you shouldn't be too busy when it comes to socializing with clients. If a company wants their customers to remain customers, then why wouldn't its president want to spend time with them? Customers love this personal touch and the ability to send feedback informally, so it is totally helpful and a good idea for any business big or small. Take some time to sit down and talk with your customers regularly and you will see how much they appreciate it.

3. Try different social networks and engines and at least one of them will work for you. You never know how useful they may turn out.

There are so many ways to interact with your clients and provide them with interesting things and useful information. Your business definitely offers something for everyone. At least one of the many different social networks and search engines will work out great both for you and your clients. Moreover, when you have online ties to your customers, you’ll be informed about critical situations and devise methods to resolve them sooner because your clients will tweet them to you. NMX 2013 - and Dana White's interview in particular - revealed that every new social medium technology should be given a try in an effort to extend this personal interaction on a permanent basis.

Dana White, social media

4. Use social networks and experiment with content to engage as many fans as possible.

Video blogs with streaming fights, fun campaigns and other cool things make for great entertainment and increase the amount of your company's unique visitors. Don't be scared or intimidated to make your business a little more enjoyable and entertaining as it can lead to higher trust levels. There are tons of options for your business to choose from — just be simple and unusual. Dana White insists that whatever your business consists of, there is always room for online involvement and consequent brand development.

It is quite extraordinary how Dana White manages to combine wit and wisdom and, more than likely, it is a typical characteristic of this expert guru. If you happened to attend NMX 2013, I would love to hear what you thought about Dana and the many incredible things he does. Are there any other “bits and wit” that you have heard from him recently? As I don't want to overlook anything, please share your comments with me.