Secrets of Marketing with Social Networks

It is essential for a marketer not to get lost in the whirpool of social media channels and creative content marketing ideas. Moreover, content management should take less time because as a marketer you might have a multitude of other things to worry about. So, how is effective content marketing accomplished according to this week's tips and news?

37 Mind Blowing Secrets About Guest Blog Posts


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Guest blog posts have an enormous potential to increase your website's traffic and gain audience from top websites but is there anything you need to know before starting out?

First, guest blogging isn't something one person can accomplish – it's totally a team effort.

You should do a research before submitting publication and track the results after your articles have been published because you need to know what to write and what benefits it gives you in the longer term.

The article stresses out that there are no standards of how to do guest blogging but you need to have a strategy of what you want to achieve. You need to thank those who publish your content, promote your guest posts in social media and be as eye-catching as possible.

Check the rest of the points that a talented guest blogger covers!

5 Powerful Ways to Market with YouTube for Small Businesses

YouTube is a global network with billion visitors monthly. So how do you start with your company's YouTube account? It is a way to let your customers hear from you, educate themselves with helpful webinars and get timely product or service reviews.

YouTube also gives you a valuable opportunity to syndicate other videos that your customers might be interested in with your blog. You can give a second breath to your blog content putting it into a series of videos – it increases customer engagement. But don't be too much of a perfectionist – your clients will be more interested in custom-made videos than in Hollywood quality! Why don't you get familiar with other YouTube marketing ideas on the list?

Contagious Content: Facebook Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy

Want to initiate epidemic interest in your company’s Fan Page and become super communicable? You will find advice on how to do it with real examples based on Marketo’s research.

Among other creative marketing ideas you use, it is smart to share photo albums for your offline events, and it is also effective to encourage your fans to like or share your Facebook stuff for community building.

Don’t be afraid to become holiday-oriented even if you’re a B2B company as long as your brand is integrated in the publications you generate.

You should give, advise, warn, inspire, amuse or unite people to get more shares. At the end of the day, it’s essential to track the quality of your Facebook content and its appeal to your fans.

Why Your Agency's Next Great Content Creator is Your Client


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Have scarce information on your client's niche? Feel like people are not as passionate towards your blog as they used to be? The time has come to give your clients a chance to write exclusive content for you – that's where real fun begins!

Start with engaging people by explaining your customers' concerns and provide the activists with clear instructions. You should stress out how important their expertise is for the quality of content on your blog – make them feel like real gurus! You will be surprised to see how cost-effective and time-saving such approach is.

The State of Pinterest: What Content Marketers Need to Know Now

Although you might have heard something about the importance of Pinterest to content marketing, it's time to sort things out for 2013. You may be surprised to know that currently Pinterest still brings more traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Google+.

Due to the visual dominance, 20% of all Pinterest users buy products they have seen on the network, and they are more eager to spend up to $80 for their products which exceeds the Facebook level. There are new tools adjusted for Pinterest use, new network designs and Pinterest analytics are available for you as an online marketer!

Therefore, Pinterest is a great place to try the most creative of your content marketing ideas– check more details out!

Upgrade Your Content Strategy: 3 Brand Builders

Content marketing has been a buzz term for a while but your strategy here is subject to constant change. The aim of your content should be touching hearts, so you should avoid mainstream – one of the brightest examples in the article is Red Bull as its old events are still lively discussed.

Pure brand narratives do not impact your customers – instead, your content should be crafted in a way that relates to your customers and explains why your business is potentially important. Check a list of must-do post types that work either for blogs or social media channels!

What do you think of these marketing tips? Are there any additional ways of expanding social presence that you would like to stress out? Or maybe a specific experience when you faced problems with any of the instruments above? We are super hungry for your comments and shares!