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Summer season is almost at its middle, and we hope your lead generation and customer conversion goes on very hot. Just to make things a little faster for you, we offer some content marketing tips on how to become a more seductive writer, a proficient social media manager, a great newsjacker and an advanced Pinterest user. Go ahead and learn more!

Content Marketing - Seductive Writer

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6 Simple Steps to Writing Seductive Web Copy

Being a great seducer is very helpful not only when you want to be as popular with men as Cleopatra was. Seduction in content marketing is just as important, and you can do it too following six simple steps.

First, you need to describe and even visualize your ideal reader as this is how your writing gets more personal and vivid. Second, you've got to remember that people are only interested in themselves, and definitely not in your product or service. Third, work hard on your value proposition that should consist of a hot headline, some subheadings and a list of 3-5 bullet points. Write your draft, edit and optimize it. Remember that seductive writing is finding your target customer and becoming persuasive enough.

The Future of Visual Content: 6 Predictions About Infographics

Infographics generally get much more shares, tweets and likes than texts or links, so they are irreplaceable for the virality of your content marketing. The future of infographics should be dynamic enough, and 6 experts share their vision on the topic.

Alberto Cairo claims that future infographics will go beyond their usual functions – they will become instruments for discovering useful and deep truths that are presented in a less complex way. Brian Wallace says that  quality will always prevail while the new video infographics will also come into place. Cole Nussbaumer is sure that target audience is of vital importance for infographics creators while David Gould is ready to mix different types of media in one infographic.

18 Signs You're a Seriously Terrible Social Media Manager

Social media management without an effort might seriously damage your results, so you should always track what you’re doing and measure what you get at the end. There are several mistakes that you are recommended to avoid as they indicate little effort and insufficient (or even zero) results.

Do not get tempted to schedule all your tweets for the next five years as auto posting can be irrelevant and useless. Make sure you don’t use link accounts without sense as your fans may see the same post over and over again on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Your posts shouldn’t be the same at all media channels. Always answer readers' questions and show your audience that there is someone alive behind the brand. Blog at least five times a week and follow people back when they follow you!

4 Simple Newsjacking Formulas for Content Teams of Any Size

How do you make newsjacking a little easier? How do you put it on a new level of quality? Just follow several steps and increase your content marketing efficiency. You need to learn how to work with each type of the story you find on the Internet and want to mix with your blog. Advice on when and how to use it is attached for each story type.

The first is bare-bones story that is immediate and full of facts. This one is usually all about being first. The second type is the delayed recap which covers the news with great details some time after the whole thing has happened. The delayed surface analysis implies that you give some opinion and thoughts on what has happened. The fashionably late deep analysis takes more time to grab data about the event or story, and then you split it out adding much more value to your audience.

Content Marketing - On Pinterest, the Eyes Have It

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On Pinterest, the Eyes Have It [Infographic]

If you are still puzzled about how to conduct visual content marketing on Pinterest, you might find this infographic very helpful – it's a small analysis of what kind of posts are liked and repinned in contrast to those that don't get enough attention. An infographic by Curalate highlights the following points: the most repinned pics have multiple dominating colors, red, brown, and orange pictures are repinned twice as much as the blue ones, and posts that have less than 30% of white space also get more shares on Pinterest.

It's surprising that brand images without the employees' or officers' faces also receive 23% less pins than the ones with faces on them. Images with medium lightness are repinned 20 times more than really dark images, and don't forget about saturation – it should be at least 50%!

Now that you've learned about how content creation gets seductive and engaging, tell us what you think about your social media management experience, Pinterest activity and the future of infographics. Don't be too shy to leave your comment below!