5 Money Saving Tips for Quality Content

Hope you all had a lovely summer week. Today's issue of content marketing news focuses on how you can do content marketing yourself at low expenses while the value of quality content is also emphasized.  Enjoy and stay tuned!

Not All Content Marketing is Created Equal: Location, Size, and Scope

Content marketing strategy is not something universal as all the companies are very different in their size and niche. That is why before you start working on it, you should give it enough thinking. For example, think about your operations – are they exclusively online? Are you a B2B or a B2C company? How many employees are there in your company?

A web business generally focuses much more on content marketing, search optimization and other inbound marketing hacks while brick and mortar business should concentrate on geo-specific content and local keywords.

Big businesses face problems tracking and measuring results of their content creation, and small businesses have a hard time writing all content by themselves instead of keeping a team of writers.

Quality Content

21 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 2.0

If you have chosen to become a writer, James Altucher shares some tips on how to self-publish as well. They are relevant both for online and paper copies: start with a reality check of your pricing policy and think about your audience for the most part.

Quality writing should give you pain and you should always doubt about its quality before and after publishing. Never write anything that doesn’t add value to someone’s life, and make sure readers can’t tell when you wrote a blog post. There is no need to focus on your blog only: other websites in your niche are a priority.

Google's Bottom Line: Quality Content Prevails

The latest Google search engine algorithm has been widely discussed by SEO specialists and digital marketers, and Penguin 2.0 proves to be a customer-oriented solution that many experts have been praying for. User experience and quality content will matter while Google will filter all crappy and non-sense materials that add no value to the customer.

Technical issues and the hierarchical structure of your website might also affect the indexation of your website in Google. Don’t forget to take your time analyzing your buyer persona to guarantee positive customer experience.

DIY Content Marketing: Yelp Yourself

Yelp is an influential website that affects customer decisions for many reasons. Taking into account Yelp's features, you are very likely to grow your sales. Yelp helps to share customers' experiences with a certain product or service. Besides, advertising on Yelp may result in $8,000+ average revenue growth for small businesses.

There is no need to separate your content marketing budget with Yelp. Prioritize SEO, spark conversations, showcase your business story, be responsive and genuine in your responses.

Quality Content - 40% of Your Article Goes Right Down the Drain

Reality Check: 40% of Your Article Goes Right Down the Drain

Did you know that most people don't read to the end of your blog post or article finishing at 60% point for the most part? A recent research shows that 10% people don't scroll down at all while the majority of readers see visual content elements such as pictures and videos.

It's quite interesting that most people would scroll down a page that is filled with photos and videos. Amazingly, many people tweet things before actually reading them – there is no connection between tweetability and readbility. Higher quality content gets people scrolling down, so make sure your start sounds engaging enough.

How do you feel about Penguin 2.0? What is your experience in self-publishing? What are the other ways you can help yourself in content marketing? We are all ears to hear your comments.