6 Content Hacks For Rocking Inbound Marketing

I hope you all had a week of marketing successes! Here is a bunch of recommendations for you to follow if you want to significantly improve your blog or website with the help of content marketing. Connecting with your audience,  improving your 'About Us' page, fighting content challenges in B2B marketing and many more tips have been offered this week by expert bloggers and content marketing pros!

5 Ways to Bond with Your Blog’s Audience

Content - 5 Ways to Bond with Your Blog’s Audience

In order to connect well with your readers, you need to use common language and never use robot-like expressions. Don’t try to show too much of yourself as well and use ‘I’ like you’re talking to your friend.

Include some metaphors, build analogies and ask questions. Your readers need to be inspired, and you can do it by creating a common enemy. All things considered, you’ve got to stay interested and interesting when it comes to blogging but make sure your content is not about your successes but rather about your readers and their experiences.

B2B Marketing: 9 Ideas for Solving Your Biggest Content Challenges

Got a problem with readers' engagement? Try to find out what engagement means for your audience, and think about what actions are easier done by this or that group of potential customers. If you are sure you're not producing enough content, try measuring its value and quality as more is not always better. Curate, reuse and produce evergreen content!

If it's budget that you are most concerned about when it comes to content marketing, evaluate how effective your content creation is – maybe, it needs a total tranformation? Other problems and tips on how to solve them are attached!

Journalism and English Degrees Are Not Dead: The Rise of the Content Marketer

Although the Great Recession has hit greatly on the newspapers and magazine produciton industries, media and publishing are not dead – there is a significant growth in online journalism, blogging, and online publishing industries. That is why being a journalist, you're not lost at all.

The only thing is the shift to digital world that changes the ways you express your thoughts. The ways businesses connect with customers has also changed significantly, and it is the right time for you to choose content marketing as a career opportunity. Any digital marketing activity is «fed» with quality content and thought leadership. That is the time you come into the place – don't miss this chance!

Two Ways to Motivate Employees to Do Content Marketing

No marketing department is powerful enough to produce all the content a company needs, so your employees’ participation is almost mandatory. You can motivate them to help you using two methods.

The first one is “the method of stick” – you can simply add a mandate to your company’s policy that will oblige people to create content regularly. But in this case you need to have a well-planned and inspiring communication platform, and provide your employees with resources. The second option would be “the method of carrot” that implies significant rewards for those who create content. It is one of the best word-of-mouth fuels and loyalty improvements. You can start with the first method and switch to the second over time – try it out starting today!

6 'About Us' Pages That Are Probably Better Than Yours

There are many ways to combine your regular web design with compelling content creation, and your «About Us» page is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, it is noted for being one of the most overlooked pages, so you need to make sure  you're not missing out this opportunity and telling a quality story.

You can start with telling what your company does and how it was created. Itshould contain emotional appeal and reveal your greatest storytelling skills. Another options are showing your company's personality and adding a humanizing design to your 'About Us' page. Include your customers' feedback, and a fun presentation. Make sure you're using simple language even if what you do is rather complicated.

8 Disgusting Words to Avoid in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content - 8 Disgusting Words to Avoid in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know that some words are simply disgusting to hear? This collection of words should not pop up in your content unless you're using them correctly or have no other choice. They are moist, slacks, dude or like (as in teenagers' talk), zombie nouns, irregardless (this word really exists!), awesome (though you may still use it every now and then), glocal and foodie.  Image source

As you can see, many of the words above are so buzz that they have actually lost their meaning. Try not to use them though the perception of any reader differs a lot.

How do you improve employees engagement when it comes to content marketing challenges? What do you think of your own current ‘About Us’ page? We are hungry for your comments!