Exploding Marketing News of the Week

Greetings to everyone, and we are all stiff and ready to share some of the good blog posts and articles that we've come across this week.

Surely, that's not all the news but probably a good hunk of information you could use or at least have fun reading.

How to Know if You’re Entering a Viable Niche

marketing newsThe article shows an interesting approach to the traditional image of competition: it claims many competitors are a good sign.

Being unique is also cool – but you're going to “take all arrows”. In that case you have to become a teacher for the rest of the market. Anyway, a start is always research and research.

Twitter Generates Leads 9-To-1 Times More Than Facebook And LinkedIn

B2B guys may be surprised to hear that Twitter is a super lead generator in this niche. It doesn't mean you have to forget about good old Facebook or fancy Linkedin but just rethink your social media strategy.

You might like heavy traffic on your website but what about sales? E-mails convert to sales much better than direct search, paid search or social media.

How Manufacturers are Managing Content Marketing: 7 B2B Insights

I found out that marketing B2B companies have similar goals, are most likely to use videos and eNewsletters, and outsource content more frequently.

But what I did not expect to hear is that manufacturers actually spend less on content creation than any of their peers across industries. They need help in content efficiency increase too.

Going from Good to Great Marketing: Leading and Managing Change

marketing news, emotion changesMarket leaders are under great stress, and some help with the strategy is never extra. The three pillars today’s marketers lean on are the staff, the sales process, and the people outside the company.

Your crew should have a creative mind-set, your sales operations should be velocity-focused, and your stakeholders should always be attracted to you as a business. If you can’t prevent change, prepare for it.

96 Quick SEO Wins - What Can You Do With an Hour?

2013 is an entirely different year for your SEO strategy. Your victory here is supported by research and analysis, Google+ use, sponsorship for community events, building relationships, planning and many more issues.

Can you believe there are 96 tips on SEO that businesses could use? Anyway, go check it out because at least one in a hundred might be helpful for you.

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