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Another week in the world of content is coming to an end. Posts were published, Likes were clicked, tweets were retweeted…well, I could continue describing content distribution and sharing process forever.

Instead I’d better make sure you haven’t missed anything interesting this week and pick up the most valuable pearls from the Content Marketing Ocean, and present them in our weekly digest ‘The Hottest Marketing News of the Week’.

10 Innovative Social Media Newsjacks of the Super Bowl Power Outage

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Nowadays each of us tries to make advantage out of every piece of news for promoting our brands, and Super Bowl XLVII was no exception.

I don’t want to say I am against such a strategy, quite the contrary – I think  this is the case when marketing skills are revealed to the full.

Being able to come up with a fresh, funny comment about something that happened 5 minutes ago and advertise your product at the same time is definitely worth something.

Here’s HubSpot presenting winners of the Super Bowl Newsjack contest.

Content Marketing: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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Sometimes I am so busy with my editorial calendar deadlines, writing procedures and meeting all the standards that I forget about the core reason I’ve started writing.

It is not only my problem, I suppose: most of us face it from time to time. That’s when a breath of fresh air can be really useful.

Here it is – an article where the author suggests a different approach to content creation.

You are more then welcome to take a look!

How to Fix Your Writing When It’s Lifeless, Tedious, or Even Downright Stupid

Going on with the topic of content creation, I want you to look at Jon Morrow’s masterpiece. It’s rather easy to admit your writing is of a bad quality, but trying to improve your skills may be really hard.

Great exercises for improving your writing skills together with a strong call-to-action will definitely get your attention and lead you to trying them out after reading this piece. Well, it has already worked for me: I’ve made a resolution to do all of the exercises this month, have you?

8 Ways to Discover Valuable Social Media Content

Sometimes we have difficulties with finding right ideas for content creation. You’ll be really surprised to know how easy discovering new ideas can be by simply brining into play 8 ways for finding great content. Use this article as a checklist that you may follow when you’re looking for content ideas.

World Internet Stats: Websites, Email, Social Media, and More

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Internet statistics can be found everywhere, so why should I bother looking through another one?

If that’s the question you’ve asked, here’s the answer: you’ll find plenty of interesting data dealing with email, social media, domain stats of the former year.

You may also forecast some major changes in the marketing world of 2013 using this data. Read this article as I’m more than sure you’ll find something interesting.

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