Sensational Marketing News of the Week

Hi everybody! If you were busy preparing your St. Valentine’s Day cards or eating heart-shaped candies, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore what the marketing world has to offer.

You know it’s all about constant change, right? That is why let’s stay tuned and keep both eyes opened.

6 Ways to Find an Audience that Hangs on Your Every Word

Every marketer is puzzled on how to become a Lady Gaga in his industry. The interesting analogy can actually be helpful as stirring the readers’ imagination, being an intrigue and having a clear mission are important for any company’s content.

And how about addressing concerns directly, building a community and being devoted to your work? Let’s learn how to become as exceptional as possible.

Content Marketing: The Fallacy that More Content is Better

As a business owner or a marketing specialist you must have asked yourselves how much content you need for your website to keep it lively and customer-friendly. Have you ever thought that “more” is no longer an equivalent of “quality” just like it used to be?

Content creation needs to become time-consuming to look like a treasure compared to your competitors. Go ahead and get yourself familiar with the new content marketing phase to find some grounds to revise your current marketing program.

Now Available: A Cleaner, Easier to Use Contacts Database

Marketers have to be sociable and open to the world. But at some point they find themselves struggling with the overload of business contacts. HupSpot will help you to turn a lot of data into useful information you need right now.

Leads are crucial, so why don't you get a better grip on them? The new features for Contacts are available now for those who already have HubSpot 3.

6 Ways to Grow Your Brand With the Vine App

Willing to attract more customers with videos? Vine is not as complicated as other ways of multi-media editing. What is your advantage? Vine is very customer-oriented, and you care about what your customers like, don’t you?

“Vignettes” will let you set up a question/answer session, introduce your team, tease your audience with short reviews for the new products, and update your blog with regular content. Start with brainstorming – and you’re on your way to Vine success.

Personal and Business “Bullying” in Social Media: Ways to Manage It

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Social media is a wonderful opportunity to grow popular even if you're a small business or a startup. However, there's a drawback that you might face – unexpected social media attacks that are exposed to a large audience. How do you react to this?

A small plan for you to follow is to stay peaceful, funny, polite and active while communicating with customers. Though coping with your online image is hell of a task, we believe you're up to it.

10 Lessons From Digital Pioneers on How To Become a Digital Success

Wonder what some of the marketing gurus say on embodying ideas into an action program? Staying relevant, thinking out of the box, changing your payment chain and keeping technology under your total control sounds like a good plan.

Anyway, you should start with fulfilling real needs and enjoying yourself while doing it. And do you remember to remain fun and entertaining without losing the educational side? These and many other tips are shared by the pioneers that many marketers would love to take after.

Did you come across something breathtaking? Or maybe you want to share your insights in comments? A penny for your thoughts – we’re all ears!