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Quite a week that was, huh? So much information has been generated that it's quite difficult to look through all the article titles in your readers' list, not to speak of reading them. No worries: we have scanned through a lot of content and presented only the best for you to check out.

17 Types of Content that Google Will Eat Up

 marketing newsCreating content, you expect to get as much profit as possible. Since each blog post serves as your visit card, you must be absolutely sure it’s always of a high quality not only for your readers but also for search engines.

You win twice: your subscribers learn some valuable information by reading your post and search ‘spiders’ are able to easily index your content and reward it with a high SERP. Read this article to learn how to create Google-friendly content.

The Secret Benefit of LinkedIn Endorsement

You know what LinkedIn is, but do you know how to use it?  There might be a chance you are not taking the most of the world's 14th biggest website (according to

LinkedIn gives you a lot of possibilities not only to make new connections or look for a job, but also promote yourself as a professional; it is a sort of Social SEO if you will. Learn how to become a savvy LinkedIn user.

14 Eye-Opening Stats You Probably Didn't Know About Spam

This post is a part of the HubSpot's Make Love Not Spam program which helps marketers improve on what they are doing. Learn some astonishing numbers about spamming along with great tips on how to avoid being a spam-creator.

16 Brands Do the Harlem Shake

marketing news

Of course you know about February’s mainstream meme video in which a group of people is trying to outdo one another dancing to the Baauer’s song “Harlem Shake”, right?

Well, the meme went viral in just a couple of days with hundreds and hundreds uploads every hour, and the brands were not the last to participate. Enjoy.

How to Attract More Customers With Content Marketing

The title promises to give answers to the most important question that bothers all of us. And it really does. Hurry up to read great tips and examples of attracting new prospects and retaining existing customers with content marketing.

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