Remarkable Marketing News of the Week

Apart from watching Oscars, you probably did some business this week. The end of February has become a really hot period for the new amazing stuff that we can use in business.

New features, devices and functions are out there waiting for you but before that you need to learn more about where they lead you.

I’m here to help – let’s get lost in some exciting reading!

marketing news, twitterThe Social Marketer’s Urban Twictionary [Infographic]

Marketers are very mobile people, and they can't stand being static, especially when it comes to their language.

Meanwhile, Twitter is definitely the place where they love to connect, socialize and chat.

Don't be left behind – learn about what politweet, bird-of-mouth marketing and twypo mean.

Who knows, maybe someday keeping up will make you a Twillionnaire.

Site Sensor: Website Monitoring for Content Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

If you have ever faced problems with missing time-sensitive proposals, temporary site downfalls or other website monitoring problems, Site Sensor is a new service that online publishers have created.

There are two ways you can get it on, and the functions go beyond e-mail, server and search engine control. Besides, Synthesis hosting account comes absolutely free for one site if you buy a Site Sensor plan.

Google Glass is Here!

Wondering about what everybody talks about? It’s Google Glass! Wi-Fi, live recording, corrective lenses, a hearing aid app and many other features are included but you won’t see the product at the public market until 2014. Get familiar with what Joshua Topolsky and Steve Lee think of it.

Remember that Google Glass is not at ease with the privacy issues – shooting someone live without permission might stirs a contradiction. Don’t miss the attached video on how it feels to wear Google Glass.

New Google AdWords 'Offer Extensions': Five Tips to Make Them Work for You

marketing news, adsGoogle AdWords also has an innovation for you to try out – Offer Extensions have now gone beyond the beta format. They help to distribute extra orders to customers they reached out for products, services or companies similar to yours.

To enjoy the potential benefits to the full, marketers need to make sure the ads sound high-toned and offer decent discounts. It’s interesting how Offer Extensions monitors the offline conversions – especially when you know who sees the ad and what makes it stand out.

B2C vs. B2B Content Marketing: 3 Experts in The Big Debate [Video]

I always wonder about what makes B2B and B2C companies different or similar. If you do too, Robert Rose, Craig Waller and Michael Weiss enlighten some parts of this issue. They discuss the salesperson roles, different budgets and state of complexity in B2Bs and B2Cs.

Although the sales cycle and the amount of people involved are bigger in B2Bs, don’t stick to the stereotype that B2C is less complex.

Guys, what do you think about all those new things? Are you going to get any of those for yourself? What’s your vision on B2Bs and B2Cs?

Come on, don’t be shy – we are super hungry to get your opinion in comments.