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The last thing we want to happen is you missing out the most interesting articles of the week. For that reason we traditionally write about five worth-your-attention pieces of content. This way we don’t have to worry about you passing by valuable information without taking a look at it.

This week people have been talking about creating content. It’s not that easy, is it? Well, there are a lot of great guides that help you create content that matters. Let’s take a look together.

5 Lessons Cats Teach Us about Creating Blissfully Mindless Content

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Do you like cats? Well, you should because, as a writer, you can learn a lot from them.

In this guest post Marie Rotter points out five tactics that make cat videos go viral.

You can also use these tactics to make your content easier and more fun to read.

Creating Content For Earning Links

Search engines’ algorithms are always changing. Content that attracts links is changing too because it has to adjust to evolving practices of link building.

Read this article to learn what types of content are better to use in order to get quality links from great sources.

How to Approach the Creation of Viral Marketing Content

If you have ever tried to make a viral video, you should know it's not that easy.

Hartley Brody shares notes on «Going Viral», provides statistics of the most popular YouTube videos along with some HubSopt remakes. To sum up, the article is a great guide on creating viral video and why you should do it.

Case Study: How Keyword Research Works in the Wild

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We know that using proper keywords is essential for content creation. We also know that Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends along with some other tools can help us determine keywords that work best for us. But that's it.  Isn't it?

Do you know the real value of a keyword? Read this article and learn a complete and proper cycle of keyword research.

5 Ways You’re Annoying Everyone on Social Media

Great content rewards you with big audience. You become a thought leader for your subscribers, so the last thing you want to do is to upset people that follow you.

Read about five mistakes to avoid when going social along with the social media etiquette in general.

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