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Even if you didn't experience serious rise and falls this week, the global marketing world is all about change and move. Let's get an eye on what was going on. Seriously, why stay left behind?

Google Reader Shutdown a Sobering Reminder That 'Our' Technology Isn't Ours

Maybe you are one of the furious media people who have just lost their devoted friend under the name of Google Reader.

However, if you give it a deeper thought, it never was yours, and Google can do anything with it including a shutdown.

This is a reminder about our dependence on other people's decisions even though there is so much freedom on the Internet.

Though the product was followed, it lost its significance over the years, and now there is a great chance for everyone to start working on a substitute product with advanced RSS functions. Thought about it, huh?

So, You Think You Know Everything About LinkedIn?

If you intuitively feel that LinkedIn is a great way to connect professionally within networking sites, you can strengthen your perception with some statistics which is rather funny at some points.

These are not just boring numbers – some helpful advice on what password to use, user engagement and company pages are also provided. So you know a little more on how to use LinkedIn for business. And did you know that LinkedIn is trusted much more than mishmash Twitter or overly private Facebook?

Google's Top 20 Mobile Products (and How It Monetizes Them) [Infographic]

In spite of its decision on Google Reader, we still appreciate Google for its mobility. The embedded infographic demonstrates how Google AdWords, Location Extensions, Click-to-Call, Google Offers and AdMob are used for making money.

Maps, Google Now, Play Books, Google Shopper and many more also turn users into customers. Let's learn more from the world's leader!

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The Top Social Media Topics On the Minds of Real Marketers

Do you feel dried out when it comes to social media content for your blog?

Grab some fresh and hot topics from the industry leaders, and don't worry – it won't be a robbery.

So, the real marketing experts worry about interaction with customers, metrics, customer engagement, content quality and all kinds of cooperation. Got anything to add?

6 Ways to Use Fresh Links & Mentions to Improve Your Marketing Efforts - Whiteboard Friday

Wondering what the new Fresh Web Explorer from SEOmoz has to offer? It works great for your brand and gives you a better vision on the industry terms and industry brands. The URL usage and search is also improved due to the advanced settings to monitor competitors and mentions.

Fresh Web Explorer is convenient for content curation and SEO too. There are six ways you can benefit from its use, and the article provides a step-by-step guidelines on Fresh Web Explorer application.

What are your thoughts about Google Reader shutdown? Have you found anything thrilling you want to share with us? You know how much we love your comments, so please don’t cut us on them!