Great Marketing News of the Week

This week has been a great time for you to grasp some tips on how to do marketing automation, SEO, mobile advertising, brandscaping, content creation and other things great for your business.

In case you were way too busy to get down to choosing what’s worth reading, we did some selection to make things easier.

26 Ways to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, now there are no limits – we’ve got videos, Vines, slides, covers and other great stuff to enrich our social media channels.

This post goes far beyond the usual interpretation of the visual – it’s an entire encyclopedia of how to get as much sharing and engagement as possible.

Add text to the pictures, work on collages, edit pictures, use pictures your customers shared and do screenshots for step-by-step guides to create articles or blog posts people love.

Best Practices for Marketing Automation from 11 Experts

If marketing automation would be something that you wonder about, 11 industry leaders are to help you out. You always need to map your lead flows, understand the prospects’ buying cycle to the full, create buyer personas, be right on time with your right messages and understand your e-mail reputation.

Comments on how exactly each step is implemented are explained by top managers and consultants with a good experience in marketing automation.

Mobile Advertising: Which Industries Are Taking the Lead?

Marketing is all about trends, and mobile advertising has become a very important trend that absolutely no marketer affords to overlook.

It's fascinating to see that governmental ad campaigns have grown mobile by 860%! Other verticalts that grew mobile advertising spend are employment, travel, home services and health. The insights on the advertisement messages and goals are provided. Check out how others are doing mobile advertising!

11 Content Marketing Questions Answered About Brandscaping

Even if you didn't get to attend the Content Marketing Institute's recent webinar, Brandscaping and the New Content Marketers, it doesn't mean that it's all lost.

Andrew Davis loved to answer a load of 55 brandscaping questions from his online audience – tips on brandscaping for children's books, education, B2B resellers and many more were shared. And you may still ask anything else that is of interest to you in comments.

How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic

interesting content for boring topics

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We all come from different niches, and when it comes to content it may seem like there's nothing to write about.

But in fact the answer is simple – work hard to create compelling content.

It doesn't mean that you have to do a market research, draw infographics or connect to world-known gurus.

As there are no boring topics, you need to stop being boring yourself! A good advice on how to do it is included.

5 Phenomenal, Free SEO Tools

Being today's SEO pro doesn't require super expertise – especially when smart SEO tools are doing it for you.

SEOToolSet, ÜberSuggest, SEOquake, Seo Site Tools and CuteRank are all free but sufficient helpers when it comes to checking keyword positions, domain authority, Google or Bing ranks and link analysis.

You can't be limited to just one tool as they all have their unique functions. Why don't become a SEO pro for free anyway?

Spooked by LinkedIn? This Guy Hails Goal-Scoring Machine

LinkedIn has become a great influencer on professional connections and even a company's image. Competitors, customers and employees are all engaged – and they all need to know how to use LinkedIn profiles.

That is why small companies like PeopleLinx emerge providing consulting and training services on how to look good on LinkedIn. Their success has been tremendous, so you may either think about becoming a LinkedIn expert yourself or ask for a professional's assistance when doing your own LinkedIn profile.

So, what's your vision on these blog posts? Have you tried any of these tips out? When you do, please don't forget to share your experience with us in comments.