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Getting Started With the New Myspace: What Businesses Need to Know

Myspace has relaunched its website so you can now enjoy using newly-added features such as the ability to choose specific roles for your profile, a huge focus on music, and a horizontal type of scrolling (which is pretty awesome!).

“Brand” is one of the roles to choose from when signing in, and the integration with other social networks is rather high. Looks like the focus of the network is geared toward the younger audience, but the hidden potential still remains to be uncovered.

As a business owner, you can definitely use the new Myspace to your advantage and benefit. How? Simply register on the website and take a look at everything it has to offer. Still not sure? Read the following SMX article for all the clarification you might need.

How Your Content Distribution Can Use Native Advertising

If you have ever wondered what exactly “native advertising” stands for, read this article to gain a better understanding of how to apply native advertising in your practice using promoted tweets, featured YouTube videos or sponsored stories on Facebook, and why it works so great for content marketing.

Native advertising is a type of media that suits the social platform and includes ads that provide valuable content in the perspective of the user’s experience. The ads are less intrusive, meaning users will be more inclined to click on them. It is also a method of communication between a company and its customers.

If you are eager to reach your target audience in a more productive way, bring your old but still cool content back to life and retarget prospects and leads, then you need to learn just how native advertising can be advantageous for your business. You have to make sure that native advertising is used efficiently - meaning that you have total control over your campaigns, your content is hosted on your website and can be traced back to your website, and there should be superior significance between your ads and your content.

Facebook Graph Search Explained for Marketers

We are pretty sure that you use Facebook, so you’ve probably heard about its new search platform - Facebook Graph Search. This search is not going to be keyword-driven like Google or Bing is; instead, it will focus on using phrases.

At first glance, it may seem that the Graph Search merely connects you with your favorite brands, celebrities, shows or music but it actually goes beyond that. The gadget attempts to track the local trends in your community and engage you as much as possible. For instance, you can be instantly notified about any events and places your friends attended and recommended. This information is not new as it is updated from Facebook, but it’s now organized in a revolutionary manner.

Graph Search will definitely change the way people discover your business so, being a marketer, you should become familiar with the new search as you can now attract friends’ friends, and their friends too. Interested? Learn more about Facebook Graph Search by reading the article at Adhere Creative.

How to Determine the Potential Size of Your Content Marketing Opportunity

marketing thoughts, marketing ideasRead this article to learn how to better evaluate and determine your content creation policy to engage your readers as much as possible. It is essential to know what exactly drives your readers to follow your content, and you might also find some useful advice as well.

Apply keyword tools to learn about what your customers are searching for. Brainstorming with real people is also helpful when it comes to a critical and honest evaluation of what you’re capable of. Also, check on your competitors to find out where your market is heading, and don’t be limited by Google as there are other search engines that deserve a chance. These are some good tactics to refresh your vision of Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Reader, and Facebook Search, as some of their features can prove very beneficial for a higher reader engagement.

Why Producing Enough B2B Content is Hard and 3 Tips to Help

Content creation puzzles many B2B companies, and you can find the answers to some of the essential questions by reading this article. For instance, it turns out that reusing your older content is great both at the beginning and the end of the sales funnel.

Although it may be challenging, creating evergreen content that lasts for years is where businesses should really focus. And, at last, content curation is quite helpful, especially when you have good strategies to rely on.

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