Twitter Strategy and Content Marketing Tips

Twitter Strategy - The CEO’s Guide to Listening on Twitter

I hope that you have experienced real spring and blossom in your marketing this week. Even if you didn't, let's check some of the essential ways you can accomplish incredible success in event marketing, business tweeting, podcasting, and content marketing. A recent CMI research on small business content marketing is attached!

The CEO's Guide to Listening on Twitter

HubSpot's CEO Brian Halligan shares his experience on how to use Twitter for getting readers' and customers' feedback and comments. Start with setting up different streams to differentiate the channels of incoming information.

Those channels may be mentions of you personally, your company, leads' and customers' talks about you, competitors, thought leaders and news.

5 Ways to Crush Your Competition With Custom Podcasts

Your content is not limited with textual and visual elements – try audio as well to leave your competitors behind! Regular custom podcasts that come out as a series of useful information will attract more and more followers!

Don't be afraid – podcasting is not that expensive at all. Just record your talks on Skype or other programs to transmit your helpful content to people who live anywhere in the world. Make sure your podcast series stands out. Give yourself a training period for practice, listen to your voice again and again, and you'll see how professional you will become. But remember to be short and create «meaty» podcast content keeping it to the point.

Using Visual Content to Promote Your Event

If you are determined to increase engagement online, you have to use visual content, and it is especially relevant for social media channels. Events are no exception: visual content may be a valuable traffic source before, during and after the event.

Each event should be accompanies by unique custom graphic, and on Facebook photos are given priority compared to other post types. Visual note-taking is another innovative way to enlighten readers on what exactly the event covered. Add infographics, cover photos and backgrounds to your successful visual content strategy too!

6 Signs That B2B Small Businesses Have Big Plans for Content Marketing

B2B small businesses start to realize how important content marketing strategy is. For example, 48% of all companies that took part in Content Marketing Institute research told they would increase their budget in content marketing.

There are 12 content marketing tactics small businesses use, and blogs, e-books, webinars and newsletters are among the most effective ones. Meanwhile, this content is distributed through a wider range of social media platforms than enterprises use. Interesting to note that only 39% of small businesses outsource content creation but the greater majority both creates content themselves and hires content marketing services.

Two Words That Will Make You a Smarter Content Marketer

Twitter Strategy - Two Words That Will Make You a Smarter Content MarketerCould you believe that test and paranoia are two guiding words for a smart content marketer? Testing will build your authority and turn you into a professional content marketer out of a newcomer. Testing changes you, decreases your ego and grows your development potential. You need to test copywriting, sharing, lead generation and engagement.

Then you can start being paranoid about everything. If you are not quite sure about what influences your bounce rates, subscriptions and conversions, you need to test it, even if your boss or your colleagues call you a paranoid. Check other fundamental metrics in the article!

What are your secret tips on how to be a smarter content marketer? And what are you ideas about how to create custom podcasts or listen on Twitter? Share your comments below.