Hottest Content Strategy News of the Week

The media was buzzing about the power of content marketing this week. Between the power of content marketing for talent recruitment and growing attention in the tech realm towards tools for content creators, it’s clear that the discipline continues to be embraced by the brightest minds in business.

To inspire your content strategy in the weeks to come, we’ve curated the brightest articles we encountered this week, which range from an honest look at using technology to make your job easier, to an inspiring case study on why content is critical to remaining competitive.

Join us as we review the latest news for marketers:

6 Keys to Waging the War of Ideas

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It’s all too familiar of a fact that content marketing is much harder than it used to be. However, it’s not impossible for small businesses to win the war against their competition. Rob Fields did an outstanding job this week of delivering a high-level, theoretical view of a content strategy that’s built for battle. Learn why you need to define your big idea, even if you’re already in the midst of creating content, and how to develop a supply of examples which communicate your greater goals. Finally, discover why promotion is every bit as key to brands like Gary Vaynerchuk’s as quality, and how to become an evangelist.

The Case for Associations Adopting World Class Content Processes

Every so often, you’ll encounter an article that puts everything in such crystal-clear perspective, you can’t help but feel positively inspired. That was certainly the case with this read, from Bussolati. This spotlessly-researched and perfectly relevant article points to several examples of organizations which had virtually total market share prior to the content marketing revolution, including AARP, and the American Diabetes Association. Their competition’s willingness to adopt content marketing for education has caused these companies to take a backup role. If you learn one lesson about content marketing best practices this week, make it this one. There’s no absolutes in the world of marketing, except for the fact that businesses who best adapt to their audience will almost always win.

Must-Have Marketing Technologies for Content Marketing

Content Strategy Technologies

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Managing the technical side of content strategy and promotion is tricky business. It’s hard to translate data into actionable intelligence, which is why it’s critical for marketers to embrace the latest technologies. Lisa Wiese of inbound marketing agency The Weidert Group delivers an outstanding overview of the 5 types of tools you need to successfully publish and distribute your outreach. Learn how to evaluate and use a content management system, email software, lead nurturing program, keyword tool, and social media scheduling software to your full advantage. Getting the technical side of things right will allow you to seamlessly scale and focus on improving your content marketing strategy.

Use Slideshare to Turn Your Marketing Channels into Lead Gen Tools

Most marketers with a content plan have some exposure to Slideshare, and many are using it to share presentations. However, you’re probably not taking full advantage of its myriad functions, or the fact it draws more monthly visitors than Reddit. In a truly amazing post at Content Marketing Institute, Mark Sherbin presents a comprehensive list of reasons to embrace every aspect of Slideshare, actionable tips to take advantage of the platform, and a case study of a company who began generating 75% of their leads through the network. Regardless of whether you’ve been on Slideshare for years or you’re just beginning to consider it for your content strategy, this blog has the potential to transform your company’s approach to acquiring new business.

Getting the Most ROI Out of SEO

Content Strategy - ROIEver wonder how your peers and competitors are integrating SEO and content strategy, and whether their tactics pay off? You don’t need to ponder any longer, thanks to eMarketer’s spotlight on a super fresh study on content strategy. Discover the tactics and techniques marketers are using most often, from keyword management to updating landing pages, as well as which are considered most difficult to implement. Perhaps most importantly, discover why blog updates remain the most popular method to achieve better search engine rankings.

Is your company in the process of using new technologies for content promotion? Have you defined your company’s big idea? We’d love to hear, so please share your thoughts in the comments!