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Content curation is a lot about being useful and serving as an inspiration to you all! Let's find out what has been written this week by the marketing industry leaders in order to use this information for our business advantage in the nearest future.

Transform Your Team into Epic Content Creators:6 Steps


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You might have heard a lot about the need to involve your employees in content creation but most likely you still feel puzzled. Start with defining your goals and building a tree of topics with major and subtopic branches.

Then you should conduct a content creation training for your employees touching upon topics' generation, titles, descriptions and other typical content features.

Remember: your employees should be free in their content creation, and promoting their personal brands is also essential. A system of rewards will serve as an additional stimulus at first but over time content creation will become your employees' greatest passion! And don’t forget that content curation is also something great they can work on.

How to Get Past the 10 Most Debilitating Sources of Writer's Block [SlideShare]

Stuck on content creation? Not feeling like a content machine any longer? Some of the typical problems might be the lack of ideas, lack of knowledge in a particular topic, lack of words and even distractions. How do we get focused and have a fresh wave of thoughts inflow into our brains?

Reliable tips on inspirational content creation, content curation, crowdsourcing ideas and resolving other writer’s block problems are provided. Your qualification, courage or examples for the arguments’ support are all minor reasons why you can’t write – just follow the guidelines and give it a try!

Accelerate Demand Using Rich Media

The content experience of your prospects is what you should care about. It’s not always wise to “attack” people who showed interest at once – you can direct them to your branded landing pages later when the purchase is done. Meanwhile, your task is to become as helpful and authoritative as possible without pushing your brand or product.

On-site polls and surveys work great for collecting e-mails and learning more about your customers’ opinion on a business aspect of your special interest.

Lead nurturing, mobile leads and creating the right messages for the right people are all keys to success – find out more on how to do it!

Case Study: How Aurélien Amacker Escaped the Cubicle to Find Success in Content Marketing

Content Marketing News - Case Study: How Aurélien Amacker Escaped the Cubicle to Find Success in Content Marketing

Aurelien Amacker

This interview is based on a real story of a content marketer who strengthened the position of his business thanks largely to content marketing and content creation.

Moreover, the example of Aurélien Amacker shows the international nature of content marketing success.

Meanwhile, the central idea remains the same – focus on your target audience by learning as much as possible about them, communicating with them and resolving their problems with valuable information and tips.

And do not to be afraid to start blogging as so many doors get opened at once!

Read this article to get inspired.

Ten Tips For Journalists To Get Picked Up By Google News

How is our content found by Google, especially if we care about the timing and the position we take on the list? Every minute 100,000 opportunities to be broadcasted are provided, and 4 billion clicks are made. What should you do to get noticed?

Make sure your content is inspirational and always keep on top of the industry trends. It's also recommended to use unique nouns that your competitors might have missed. Your headlines should contain important keywords and be catchy as well! Your first paragraph should contain a short summary of what you are writing about but that's not everything. Read the full guide and good luck in becoming Google's leader!

Hope you enjoyed the articles above and will find a practical implication for these tips and stories.  Besides, if you have come across an engaging reading, it would be shameful not to share it in the comments below!