Content Curation, YouTube & Other Writing Tips

This week's content marketing strategy guide from the most popular blogs concentrates on advanced content techniques. Want to become a more productive writer, find even more ways to reach your audience or apply content curation for lead nurturing? Go ahead and read those helpful tips right now!

9 Tips on Becoming a More Creative and Productive Writer

Content Curation

Don't we get stuck and run out of inspiration when we have to write again and again? There are some secrets on how to produce even more than your content marketing strategy requires.

Take notes in order to store ideas, either online or on paper. Start writing about anything you think about even if it doesn't make sense – it is called freewriting. Mind-mapping is rather effective for creating your personal style – just draw your outline in a picture form.

It is not recommended to set fixed goals or have time constraints as it might kill creativity.

Content Curation for Lead Nurturing

It would be surprising for you to hear that content curation strategy may be your addition to lead nurturing. You need to be eye-catching all the time not to be forgotten by your leads, and that might be a challenge due to high competition.

Your fresh and timely content has to fit one of the stages of your customers' buying cycle, and content curation might become the center of your content marketing strategy. Apart from lead nurturing, content curation also works great for building relationships. A great example of how content curation becomes effective is attached!

10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a Company YouTube Channel

First, you should make sure you have a well-funded YouTube campaign budget as video production isn't cheap. Capturing a video is only half of the work as a talented video editor is required.

The video should be neither too short nor too long, and the editor makes sure the content is valuable at all times. A good script is a must for those video producers who need to catch uninterested viewers. In order not to damage your company's image, you need professional actors as well.

YouTube videos are intended to fix the weak points of your marketing campaign, so think about the marketing message in your video content.

4 Ideas for Crowdsourcing Content Creation and Promotion

The idea of crowdsourcing content is rather popular, and Wikipedia is one of the greatest examples but how do we implement it in our own content marketing strategy? Let's emphasize a few points.

First, check if you solicit and leverage your online community's comments. Make sure you ask follow-up questions, engage in a debate, and repurpose comments as quotes. Surveys and polls are necessary to acquire valuable data that can consequently be turned into more content.

Thought leadership is the essential part of your content marketing strategy, so start working on interviewing experts from your niche!

5 Ways to Reach Your Target Market Online

Content Curation - 5 Ways to Reach Your Target Market Online

Forming humane and personalized relationships with your potential customers is your only way to stand out from the crowd of competition. There are several effective ways to connect to your target audience. The first one is to find their social media profiles and either follow, tweet, send messages or show other signs of appreciation and interest.

Apart from Google AdWords, there are many more networks that identify exactly who you want to reach with your ads. Don't forget to blog about your customers' interests and needs and find affiliates in your niche.

What is your personal experience in connecting with your target audience? And how do you find inspiration for higher writing production? Share what you think in comments below!