How to Create Winning Content & Measure Results

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When it comes to online marketing, many of us continue to hear that content is still King and with over 60 trillion web pages on the internet, it appears as though the deck is stacked against us. But there are many ways to help increase the odds in our favor and get more out of our online content. The focus here will be on how to create the best content possible and then measure results using free or low-cost analytical tools.Continue reading

7 Ways to Spot Amazing Freelance Writers

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Freelance writers aren’t very hard to spot, but finding amazing freelancers can be something else entirely. It usually takes a lot of trial and error to find wordsmiths that suit your goals and business, and even then, they may disappoint in some areas. There are ways around this, though, that can save you time and money.

Looking to generate more leads and sales in 2015? Ready to take your business to the next level? Before you go spending on SEO and costly ad campaigns, streamline your content creation process. Learn how to spot fantastic writers online. Your company is only as effective as the people it employs, or indeed, outsources to.Continue reading

9 Tried-and-Tested SEO Strategies for 2015

Sound SEO strategies lead to online success and business growth, but with the web and search engines constantly evolving, it can be hard to know what those are. To complicate matters, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. The solution is pretty simple, though: keep abreast of changes and follow industry best practices.

In case you haven’t been doing that, here’s a list of nine things you can start implementing today that will increase your traffic, leads, and conversions, as well as enhance your online reputation. Take your business to the next level in 2015!Continue reading

7 Ways to Write Headlines that Get Clicks [+ examples]


We all know it’s true: headlines are the most important part of our blog posts and articles. David Ogilvy said it himself that “on the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

If your headline doesn’t have the necessary moxie, you can bet your colored pencils that no one will read the body copy.  Here are 7 ways to kick it with headlines (plus examples from the pros).Continue reading

17 Battle-Tested and Data-Backed Writing Tips


Does your content work?

If you’re anything like most copywriters, the answer is “well, sometimes.” Sometimes we watch our posts earn viral social sharing. Other times, we struggle to gain any engagement in the comments or on social media. What makes the world’s best content objectively good?

If you’ve been marketing or copywriting for very long, you know the answer is “it’s complicated.” The formula behind great content involves a lot more than just good grammar or decent images (though both of those factors definitely help!). We can’t offer an absolute checklist for creating blogs, social media posts, and eBooks your audience will love. However, we can offer you a list of 17 fascinating writing tips that are backed by data:

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7 Writing Strategies to Boost Traffic on Your Blog

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Every blogger wants to boost traffic on their blog, but not everyone has the right online writing strategies. They can make all the difference.

Contrary to what newcomers to the blogosphere believe, blogging can be tough. It takes time, money, and experience to build a findable business blog that people want to read and follow, not to mention passion and determination. Then, you still need to deal with the competition. Most niches and industries are saturated. New blogs pop up every day. Still, there are ways to attract more online visitors.

Want to increase traffic to your blog? Need more leads, customers, and sales? Here are seven things that you can do that will have an impact.Continue reading

7 Myths You Believe About Freelance Copywriters


While 92% of marketers believe custom content is “very effective” for their business, only 62% outsource their content creation. What’s with the 30% who like content but don’t use freelance copywriters?

There’s a good chance they fall into the category of people who believe one or more of the most common myths about freelance copywriters. Individuals who think that copywriters are unprofessional or don’t have the right business background. Others remember the early days of SEO, and shudder. Regardless of why you’ve avoided using freelance copywriters so far, here are 7 of the most common myths, debunked!

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The 11 Key Elements of Amazing Copywriting


I can always tell when I’m reading amazing copywriting by the drool pooling on my desk. It happens when I read blogs like this one from Writtent’s very own Karri Stover or from HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. Those guys are just so darn good at what they do. And I think I’m on to their secret. Here are 11 key elements of copywriting that the pros have mastered.Continue reading

5 SEO Writing Techniques to Consider in 2015

On page SEO

SEO writing techniques? Yes. It might be 2015, but content and search engine optimization still go hand in hand. What’s the point of high quality writing that ends up on page 40 of Google’s search results? Nobody will see it. Likewise, if your material isn’t worth reading and does not serve its purpose, your page one rankings aren’t going to do much for you.

As an online writer or marketer, the key is to strike the right balance; create quality content that people want to read and search engines want to index. Do that right and you are bound to taste success on the web. Here are five effective techniques to work into your digital marketing plan.

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7 Tips on Finding the Best Freelance Writer for Your Blog

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You’ve decided to make the leap, and use a freelance writer for your marketing copywriting.

Great, everyone’s doing it. But how do you avoid getting burned badly? Your marketing is too important to spend money on a writer that doesn’t deliver. There’s a number of criteria that separate good writers from great candidates for your content marketing team. In fact, even if you’re picking among pre-screened writers, you should dig a little deeper. Here are 7 seriously important factors to consider:

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