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11 Steps to Effective Website Copywriting

Copywriting formulas for success

Effective website copy can be broken down into two simple parts: it conveys information and convinces visitors to act. The ultimate goal of any website is to gain conversions, and website copywriting is the science of telling stories that urge readers to respond.

There is no one formula for website copywriting that works for every company. Short but sweet might be just the thing for one business, while another will require more in-depth information to convince visitors to take action. However, following are some steps all website copywriters can take to make the most of their limited time with readers.

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9 Data-Driven Blog Writing Tips


Did you know that only 20% of today’s chief marketing officers believe their staff are ROI-driven?

It’s a sad statistic that reveals some pretty depressing truths. If you’re in the same boat, of feeling under-appreciated and wondering whether your work is really making an impact, what can you do? Well, diving deeper into some of the latest content  research to improve your skill set is definitely a powerful place to start! Lucky for you, there are no ineffective blog writing tips here. We’ve surveyed the latest research and studies to provide you with the very best.

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Ranking in the top results of search engines, especially Google, is critical when trying to run a successful business. That’s why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has developed as an art form as well as its own niche; people want to know the “secret” of how to get to #1 and will devote time and/or money to do so.
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15 Storytelling Techniques

story time words for school children.

Storytelling is a major part of any content marketing strategy. Why?

You see, there’s one big problem with online marketing. It’s online.

In other words, since Internet marketing is … well, on the Internet, there’s no way for the visitors who happen to come across your brand to get to know you. In short, they don’t get the opportunity to understand who you are and what your brand stands for.

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15 Must-Have Tools for Professional Copywriters

Tools for Professional Copywriters

They say that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. The same goes for professional copywriters, and practically any other industry, as a matter-of-fact.

No matter what niche you specialize in, it’s important that you have the right tools so that you’re able to craft the best possible copy for your client. Here’s a suite of 15 must-have tools copywriters should equip themselves with.
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5 Myths about Copywriting You Believe

copywriting myths, believe

Someone, somewhere, once said something that was untrue. Maybe the person said it in jest, or maybe the person said it out of his or her ignorance, but the person said it.

Someone else heard what that person said and then repeated it to others. And then those guys repeated it to even more people – and then the chain continued eternally.

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9 Magnetic Headline Formulas to Grow CTR

magnetic headline

Despite a massive influx of interactive multimedia, writing still rules the web. That makes powerful headlines essential for the success of any online blog or business. Everyone on the Internet is competing for clicks, so the skilled creation of alluring headlines is necessary to garner a large audience and increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your content.
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9 Tips to Spot Amazing Blog Writers

blog writers

Fear of terrible content

I bet you’d be lying if you said you weren’t afraid of the repercussions of bad blog content. Major brands constantly make the news for social media posts and content marketing gone horribly awry. While 71% of marketers may be increasing their content, the smart ones are being selective about the quality and quantity they publish.
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9 Tips to Spot Amazing Article Writers

Vintage inscription made by old typewriter

Article writers – truly amazing ones who create content that will knock your visitors’ socks off – can sometimes be hard to come by, depending on your niche.

If you’re currently on the lookout to hire an experienced, top-quality writer but can’t seem to find one by yourself, then you’re reading the right blog posts. Here’s a list of 9 quick tips to help you spot amazing article writers.

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