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20 Amazing Resources to Learn Copywriting


What is copywriting, really? Most often, it is the art of writing copy for marketing or advertising. In other words, it’s writing that’s designed to sell. That might seem easy, but believe me, it’s often not.

If you’re considering an engaging and rewarding career in the world of copywriting, this list of 20 top resources will help you master the practice:

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15 Must-Use Words in Your Headlines [+Examples]



The single most important piece of copy in a blog post.

One of the ultimate determinants of a blog post’s success.

If you don’t get them right, all the hours you spent crafting the post will go to waste, since nobody will read further than the post title.

If you do get them right, your blog post has the potential to go viral and bring your business obscene amounts of traffic and customers.
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5 Factors that Distinguish Great Copywriters


It’s a common myth that anyone who writes well can be a copywriter. The truth, however, is that great copywriters possess unique skills and traits that aren’t common to all writers. If your goal is to be an effective copywriter, the good news for you is that these skills and traits can be learned. As in most things, the key to writing great copy is lots of practice.
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11 Effective Writing Best Practices


While it’s always good to be creative and innovative to the utmost in all types of writing (especially blogging), you will also do well to remember that there are several writing standards (or best practices) that you should conform to.

These 11 practices detailed here may not apply to every single industry/niche, but implementing the majority of them will greatly benefit your overall writing.

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4 Must-Know Writing Tips You Aren’t Using

must-know tips

I get it. No, really. I do.

We’ve all been at that point where you work super hard at putting out each and every blog post … but even when it goes live, you don’t see any real results from it. So you look over your blog post once again, looking for mistakes you think you might have missed in the first rounds of editing.

But there are none to be found … or so you think. The simple truth is that each and every piece of writing – no matter the quality, length, or current success – can be made better. There is always room for improvement. The sooner you realize that, the better.
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17 Must-Know Copywriting Techniques


Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned copywriter, sharpening your copywriting skills is always a good thing. There are some tricks of the trade that never go out of style, and the following copywriting techniques can help you master effective and memorable copywriting.

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9 Secrets of Professional Copywriters

key for professional copywriters

Have you ever read a well crafted sales letter and raced for your wallet to buy whatever it was selling? Ever wonder how copywriters can compel you to part with your cash so quickly? Here is a list of the 9 best kept secrets that professional copywriters use to make sales.
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11 Steps to Effective Website Copywriting

Copywriting formulas for success

Effective website copy can be broken down into two simple parts: it conveys information and convinces visitors to act. The ultimate goal of any website is to gain conversions, and website copywriting is the science of telling stories that urge readers to respond.

There is no one formula for website copywriting that works for every company. Short but sweet might be just the thing for one business, while another will require more in-depth information to convince visitors to take action. However, following are some steps all website copywriters can take to make the most of their limited time with readers.

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