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Is quality content the backbone of your SEO strategy? If you are a serious small business or online marketer, it certainly should be. Shabby content doesn’t engage readers. It doesn’t build valuable links. It doesn’t attract search engines, generate leads, or convert sales.

While “gaming the system” might have worked in the past, consumers expect more now. So do search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo – Google in particular. To gain search visibility and traffic today, a company needs to be useful, solve problems, and develop a brand.

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SEO Tools

Content marketing is about creating, optimizing, and distributing valuable content to grow your web presence and steer the actions of consumers. It involves driving traffic, generating leads, and building authority. Not too hard if you have the right skills and strategy, but without an arsenal of SEO tools at your disposal, you are bound to waste time and money.

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Top SEO Plugins

Want to maximize your blog traffic? Sure you do. In my last post, I touched on how using these 27 must use SEO tools can deliver incredible content marketing results, and they really can – I hope you found the post useful. Today, I list 27 of the best search engine optimization plugins available for those looking to get more traffic to their blogs. Most of these are for WordPress, but there are two browser plugins toward the end. Again, I hope you these helpful. Note that while I use many of these tools personally and have tested them all, some may not be compatible with your website, theme, version, or browser. The install instructions are straightforward, but get someone to help if you’re a newbie. The following tools are listed randomly. As usual, bookmark, share, and enjoy!

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Boost Traffic with Long-Tail Keywords

If you’ve had a blog or website for very long, by now you probably know 2 important things about search engine optimization:

  • a lot of keywords that seem perfect are too competitive, so they don’t bring in much traffic
  • loads of visitors mean absolutely nothing without conversions
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Link Building Strategy

Thanks to latest Google algorithm updates, getting your blog to appear on the first page of search results is trickier than ever. Building links is frowned upon, but you still need links to rank well. So what kind of link building strategy can you use to get the high-quality links you need without incurring the wrath of the Google gods?

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SEO optimized blog posts

Great SEO isn’t really a standalone practice anymore. In fact, it’s really difficult to seperate search engine optimization from social media and content marketing, because these three factors form the pillar of a modern inbound marketing strategy. Keyword research and optimization can improve the performance of your SEO blog posts in search, while social media shares send a clear message to Google that your content is quality. You won’t get far without the putting effort into all three legs of the contemporary marketing triad!

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Optimize Your Blog for SEO

Not convinced you need to optimize your blog for SEO?

89% of modern consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions, and 75% of search users never click beyond the first page of search results. Your website needs to rank well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo to capture the attention of your future customers. Fortunately, publishing fresh content regularly is one of the best ways to build positive SEO for your business.

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SEO Metal Gears

If you want to be competitive as a copywriter, your work needs to be optimized for SEO. What is the point of writing an amazing and compelling article if people can’t find it on the web?

92% of marketers say that content creation is very effective for SEO. It is definitely effective, but only if you know how to create content that’s perfectly optimized for the latest rules of SEO.

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