Business Blogging Inspiration

I’ll clue you into a little secret. There’s no famous blogger out there who hasn’t struggled to find inspiration at one point or another. Literally everyone has days where their ideas run dry, or they’d just rather be sitting on a beach far from their laptop. Great content creators learn to find inspiration in unexpected and surprising places, regardless of whether they’re in business blogging or composing music.

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Content Strategy

There’s nothing simple about creating a content strategy.

Maintaining and improving a content strategy over time? That’s even tougher. However, the odds are definitely in your favor. Only 44% of marketers have bothered to document their publishing strategy. Your efforts to refine and improve will give you a serious advantage! Here are 10 of the most common things marketers fail to include in their content strategy:

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Best Time to Blog

It goes without saying that you need to be consistently and continually updating your blog with new, relevant, and interesting content. But when is the best time to update your blog? Is there a specific day or time that your readers and customers click on your blog, comment on it, or share it more so than any other time or day of the week?

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Grow Your Business

Mike had his website launched – and now a whole world of online opportunity was open before him.

He’d always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. When he was a young boy, his Father told him to build his own business because this was the only way to make a difference in this world. Mike wanted the freedom to follow his dreams and build an empire. Mike was a natural-born innovator, and his years of dreaming, saving, research and hard work had finally paid off.

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Business Blogging ROI

Measuring the ROI of your business blogging can be difficult at times because of all the factors that come into play.

By making regular blog post updates, you’ll get tons of benefits like higher search engine visibility, more inbound links, press mentions, and more!

The list can go on and on…

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Blog writing experts

Writing a great blog involves doing many different things well. You need to do your research, know your audience, be interesting, write compelling headings, keep it simple, write actionable content, make your writing scannable, and include call to actions – and that’s not even everything you need to keep in mind.

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Writing tips to rock your blog

10 seconds. It isn’t enough time to publish a Tweet or respond to a Facebook comment, but it’s one of the most important metrics online. According to Microsoft research, that’s all the time you have to impress visitors to your web pages.

The average length of a website visit is between 10-20 seconds, but most decisions about the value of a page’s content are made in around 8 seconds. As Marketer John G. Olsen points out, there’s certainly no time to impress anyone with the main body content of your blog articles. You’ve got to capture interest with a dazzling title, intriguing introductory paragraph, and achieve stickiness with a concluding call-to-action.

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Mastering blog writing can seem hard and time consuming. Well, actually it is.

Writing is a skill, so it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a better writer.

It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though!

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