Hot 20 – Content Marketing Tips You Should Try

Hot 20 - Content Marketing Tips

Hope you’re having a great marketing time this week. Today we are going to investigate the angles from which you can look at your content marketing strategy with a totally different perspective.

Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy with 8 Keyword Tracking Tips

Your content marketing efforts have to lead to success, and you might need several tools to measure and track the effect you have in search engines.

For example, WebCEO explores different search engines’ rankings and the keywords’ history over the past months.

Meanwhile, SheerSEO is a great platform for testing your keywords SEOmoz offers automated reports to analyze whether you’re heading in the right direction.

If you want an incredible amount of information about your keywords including the ones used by competitors, try SEMrush that monitors over 90 million keywords.

5 Things Every Copywriter Needs to Know About Their Prospects

You need to arouse emotion and compel action with your copy, so you need to know the age, occupation, interests and needs of your readers. The first most important that every reader expects is the improved sense of self-importance. Any action is based on the insecurity and the lack of self-confidence, so the blogger needs to know what the prospect wants.

And that’s not it. The blogger needs to know the reasons behind this insecurity feeling and try to look into the customers’ past to understand who they are today. The real customer’s character is revealed in conflict.

Turn Prospects Into Leads with Killer Social Content

Although you may come across numerous tips on how to stand out from the crowd with your content, there are still some great ways to turn readers into potential customers with your wise content marketing strategy. You should start with following the industry news, monitor social conversations and engage in them, and recruit a social content creation team.

Then it is recommended to keep a social backlog, repurpose content and take your video camera everywhere. Conduct online surveys and original research to generate unique and valuable ebooks or white papers. Look outside your industry and audience and write evergreen content!

Beyond Lead Generation: How to Use Content for Sales Enablement, Lead Nurturing and Retention

You need to remember that content marketing is essential not only at the first stage of the buying cycle funnel – it helps to convert mid-funnel leads, enables sales growth, keeps customers informed and engaged about your company, and helps to build long-lasting relationships.

Any post should specifically be targeted at helping your sales team. For example, if there is one question that comes up when using your product or service, your blog posts need to answer it. And content does not lose its value when your lead turns into your customer – you can add to their loyalty and trust e-mailing useful information on a weekly basis!

What the Future Holds for Business Blogging

While it has become increasingly difficult to stand out with the help of content marketing, it is still a necessity, and you will definitely reach success if you’re truly dedicated to quality.

Therefore, you either survive the competition or not. The prediction is that 65% of all marketers will blog, so you shouldn’t relax if you don’t want to be left behind.

Moreover, content has become more diversified and open-ended. The blog is not only a way to attract readers and generate leads but also to please customers in general.

What are your personal ways of using content? What are your majo challenges? Why don’t you share your content vision in the comments below?