29+ Killer Resources to Learn Copywriting


Fantastic copywriting is the real key to success.

I challenge you to identify one great or even mid-sized brand with mediocre content. As far as I know, you won’t succeed. As long as brands have advertised, their visibility has been due in part to the quality of their content.

The need for highly-skilled writers has only grown in the age of the internet. Whether you’re looking to improve your own skill set or make the jump into one of the world’s most exciting and rewarding careers, we’ve curated a list of resources we know and trust. From beginners to experts, there’s something to benefit everyone on this list:

1. Copyblogger

Any list of content writing resources would be remiss to not include Copyblogger, one of the most authoritative resources on the subject. Written by Brian Clarke and expert guests, it includes frequent insights on marketing best practices.

2. Declaring War on Bland

In this 16-minute Tedx Talk, Lawyer-turned-writer Jean Tang discusses the need for “copywriting as fresh literature” in a world of boring sales-focused words.

3. The 87-Point Sales Page Checklist

From the experts at Copyhackers, this checklist can help you self-edit and optimize both sales sheets and any other kind of web content you’re creating.

4. Customer Focus Calculator

Is your current content writing too self-centered? Well, there’s an easy and objective way to check. This resource from AlchemyMarketing will measure the “we we” status of your content, which has raised conversions 125% for their clients!

5. CMI Blog

The team of highly respected experts behind Content Marketing Institute’s blog has been at the cutting-edge of digital marketing copy for years.

6. Infographic: How People Read Online

Every successful writer needs at least a basic understanding of how today’s consumers engage with web pages. This infographic is the perfect place to start!

7. The Definitive Guide to Copywriting

The truly brilliant Neil Patel shares much of what he’s learned writing for the web in this free, 30,000 word guide to the art.

8. 101 Copywriting Dos and Don’ts

Another free resource from Copyhackers, this list is both amusing and highly-constructive. Thanks to its depth, I believe every marketer can benefit from adding it to their arsenal.

9. Metaphorically Speaking

James Geary has spent his entire career studying metaphors. His 10-minute Ted Talk is sure to help you create more rich illustrations in your content writing.

10. The Promise and Permission of Hyperlinks

When writing for the web, the use of links throughout your copy adds a new dimension of depth. Jeff Sexton intelligently covers how to use links politely and optimally.

11. Personality 101: Who Are They?

You probably know a great deal about your brand’s ideal customers, including their personality. But have you mapped their writing to their needs and trigger points? This blog will show you how.

12. 3 Steps to Finding Your True Writing Voice

Great copy engages, but a well-defined voice keeps people coming back time and time again. This blog will help you identify, define, and refine your unique tone.

13. How to Improve the Clarity of Your Writing

It doesn’t matter how smart your writing is. If your average reader can’t understand it, it’s useless. This blog is filled with tips to help you write more effectively.

14. The Carlin Ad-Speak Calculator

Whether you’re writing an ad, an eBook, research paper or a blog, it’s easy to slip into meaningless business jargon. This calculator can help you measure and improve.

15. Headline Cheatsheet

From the experts at Copyhackers, this cheatsheet is actually more of a worksheet. If you’re new to creating compelling headlines, I recommend printing off at least 6.

For more on the topic, I recommend 15 Unbelievably Powerful Pro-Tips for Writing Rockstar Blog Titles.

16. Do Your Readers Secretly Think You’re a Liar?

Authenticity matters enormously in marketing. This post from Copyblogger that delves into believability is well-worth the read.

17. Think Like a Copywriter

Content writing superstar Alastaire Allday believes that effective content creation isn’t about a set of skills. It’s about learning to think analytically and creatively at the same time. His eBook explains how.

18. The eBook eBook

Who can’t help but smiling over that title? Jonathan Kranz of Kranz
Communications explains how to take your eBooks from mediocre to stellar in this free, 44-page resource.

19. 13 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

With a humorous sub headline of “or Knowing Why Users Hate You,” leading SEO agency Portent’s eBook has a unique sensitivity to search optimization best practices.

20. ABC Copywriting

This isn’t the most frequently-updated blog online, but it’s still one of the best. Topics range from advice for freelancers to storytelling techniques.

21. 20 Websites With Carefully Crafted and Convincing Copy

Sometimes, the best way to learn is by example. This blog from DesignShack shares fabulous links to brilliant small business websites.

22. The 6+1 Model for Effective Copywriting

For decades, advertisers have relied in the AIDA model – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The experts at Smashing Magazine believe their model is superior, and I agree.

23. Copywriting 101

This free eBook was created by Copyblogger’s Brian Clarke. There’s something in it even for professional experts.

24. Copywriters Roundtable

This blog is exactly what it sounds like – a collaborative forum for discussion and debate among professional writers working in all industries.

25. Bencinvenga’s Bullets

It’s easy to browse the archives of Gary Bencinvenga’s beloved newsletter, which specializes in short, “bullet-like” tips on how to best sell with words.

26. The RANT

Be warned, this blog is definitely not for the faint of heart. What you can expect is no holds-barred commentary on technique, the state of the industry, and much more from award-winning copywriter John Carlton.

27. The Copywriter’s Crucible

Matt Ambrose’s blog isn’t updated nearly frequently enough, but his archives are absolutely worth your time to peruse. He even tackles the tough topics – like video scripts and copyright issues.

28. Grammar Girl

Your content writing is going to be a lot less credible if it’s filled with issues. Grammar Girl is pretty much the de facto resource for marketers, authors, and other professional communicators.

29. The 7-Point Checklist for Powerful Landing Page Copy

I believe this isn’t just an invaluable resource for creating landing page content. It’s a great starting place for any time your content needs to be direct, punchy, and persuasive.

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