Killer product descriptions that induce sales aren’t necessarily hard to write. On the contrary, once you know the formula and key ingredients that make one up, you can follow a simple series of steps every time you write a new one for a product.

Just so we’re clear, product descriptions are not always the entire copy for a product. They are just short sections of text that basically describe a product, its features, and its function.

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For some reason, myths (on practically any topic) gain huge popularity and widespread acknowledgement. Just take Olympus and the Greek gods, for instance.

But not all myths are so clearly fictional as Greek mythology. Some of them — like these 5 copywriting misconceptions — are believed to be true by many people, simply because they’re retold on popular blogs or spread by so-called “gurus” of the industry.

In this post, we’ll examine 5 of the most popular myths about copywriting and why they’re really nothing more than fantasy.

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The most vital characteristic of copy that sells is persuasive writing. Once you have mastered the ability to weave words in a way that will persuade people to buy something, you’ve pretty much got it made as an Internet marketer.

Persuasive writing is one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever learn … and, consequently, one of the hardest to grasp. If you’re currently struggling in this area, take a look at these 9 persuasive writing tips, and start watching your copy improve.

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Content marketing sometimes gets a bad rep because its benefits are not exactly the most measurable of any marketing activity around. Most of its advantages are believed to be intangible, like the building of brand recognition and increased exposure.

Don’t get me wrong — those benefits are great and doubtlessly essential to successful online marketing, but we marketers often like to be able to get specific, measured benefits out of something. Never fear, for such benefits are certainly available with content marketing. Here are 9 content metrics that will help you determine tangible ROI from your content production.

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General copywriting tips like these are all well and good, but the truth is that when you write copy, your center of focus should be conversions; improving a business’s bottom line is what copywriting is all about.

If you’re struggling to elicit more conversions from your current copy, you’re in the right place. Here are 11 conversion copywriting tips, tricks, and hacks to help you make more money with fewer words.

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If you ever want to make the ranks of master copywriter, there are some things you need to have down pat — like these 15 copywriting techniques.

A true champion copywriter knows how to utilize each of these techniques to maximum effect to gain more product sales. So without further ado, I present 15 Must-Know Copywriting Techniques — read ’em, learn ’em, implement ’em!

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Generally, when online marketers discuss social media marketing, we straightaway start thinking about headlinescontent quality, and content marketing strategy. While those three are definitely all very important factors of a successful social media marketing strategy, there’s still one important component we often forget to consider – blog design.

Yes, believe it or not, your blog design does have an impact on how many social shares your posts will get — and a rather significant one at that. Here are 15 ways to ensure that your design is as social media friendly as possible.

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If you’ve jumped onto the content marketing bandwagon and kick-started a blog on your business website, you may have discovered that generating customers from your blog isn’t all as easy as you originally might have thought.

But never fear — just because your blog isn’t attract customers now doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future — all your blog needs is probably just a quick boost. So, here are 15 ways to boost your blog’s customer-generation.

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Creating share worthy blog content is an art that many bloggers seem to struggle with. Instead of following a well-defined content marketing strategy, they rely on luck for their posts to get some social love.

That, obviously, is the wrong to go about it.

Over the years, successful bloggers have converted this art into science, and have closely studied every factor that leads to creating viral blog content. While there are a number of things that contribute to a blog post’s social potential, using high impact buzzwords comes close to the top of the list of factors that make people share blog content.

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