12 Blog Topic Ideas for Businesses

Blog Topic Ideas

When you first start a business blog, coming up with blog topic ideas can be tough. If you’re a one-person-show like a freelancer, consultant, or coach, it’s even tougher. Use this list of business blog post ideas as a springboard to get you started.


There are experts in every industry, and experts specializing in every topic within that industry. Interviewing those experts is one of the best business blog topic ideas because they make your blog a better resource and help your readers.

Make a list of the experts in your industry that your readers would love to hear from. Create a list of interview questions for each one, then regularly reach out to them with your interview requests.

Interviews are great for busy business bloggers for several reasons:

  • you don’t have to produce all the content by yourself
  • the person you interview will probably tell his or her followers, so you get more exposure
  • they lend themselves to multiple formats

That last one can make a huge difference in the engagement on your blog. By offering a video recording of a Skype or in-person interview, an audio recording or podcast, and a text transcription of the interview, you can satisfy all your readers and make your blog more interactive.


There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. If other bloggers in your niche are creating stellar content, write a round-up post full of links to share content your readers and customers will love.

This type of post not only saves you time and offers your readers useful content, it also builds up goodwill between you and other bloggers.

Round-up posts are a great blog topic idea for industry news, trending topics, and spotlighting a sub-niche within your industry.

Event Notes

Nearly every industry has conferences and expos where professionals can network, stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and laws, and continue honing their skills. These events are excellent fodder for business blogs.

The next time you attend a conference, seminar, expo, or any event related to your industry, take notes and write a blog post or two. Some blog topic ideas following events include:

  • share what you learned in a workshop
  • talk about what the movers and shakers in your field are up to
  • discuss cutting-edge innovation
  • post photos and talk about the amazing people you me

Ultimate Guides

Your readers don’t want to pore over a textbook or take a class to master topics in your field. Make things easy for them by creating the Ultimate Guide to a certain sub-niche.

This blog topic idea can help you create foundational content that showcases your expertise and attracts targeted visitors who need what you offer.

A great example of this is HubSpot, an internet marketing software company. HubSpot’s blog covers everything from email marketing to SEO to landing pages to analytics, and they’ve written plenty of ultimate guides for a wide variety of subtopics, which they offer as free resources in exchange for email addresses.

When you create an ebook or video training guide like this, write a post detailing what makes your guide the ultimate, how your readers can benefit from it, and where they can go to find it.

You can also create ultimate guide posts. These are usually very long with lots of photos, infographics, or videos. Here’s an example ultimate guide post from HubSpot that can also help you maximize lead generation from your business blog.

Case Studies

While ultimate guides make you the teacher of your topic, case studies build up your expertise and prove you really know your stuff.

Case studies tell the story of how one of your products helped a customer or client. The beginning focuses on the customer’s problems and how other products weren’t the solution they needed. Then describe the solution you provided and the benefits and results the customer saw by using your product or service.

To make the most of this blog topic idea, include data that proves you’re an expert and a testimonial from the customer or client.


Everybody loves tips, and these posts are usually pretty easy to write. If your blog is in a technical industry or the tips require lots of explanation, offer a low number of tips in this type of post. If your niche is not technical in nature, aim for at least 10 tips.

For those times when you’re feeling brave or you want to create amazing pillar content, create a long tip post. Blog posts with 25, 50, or more tips and ideas can quickly become some of the most popular content on your blog.

Trending Topics & Industry News

If you constantly write about hot topics, your readers will learn to come to you first for information and news. Plus, you’ll get instant high rankings on search results when you provide timely content. Use Google Insights and the Twitter trending topics list to see what’s hot on any given day.


You probably field lots of questions and misunderstandings in emails and phone calls. Make these situations work for you by creating FAQ posts and pointing your customers to them when they have questions or concerns. As your company grows, FAQ posts will be valuable to new customer service personnel as well as your customers.

Reflections & Predictions

With technology changing so swiftly, writing about that change means you always have a blog topic idea to fall back on. You can reflect on what’s been left behind in your industry, predict what’s coming in the next few months, and share goals or ideas to prepare for or influence future changes.


A good how-to post is always useful and proves that your blog is a platform through which you help others. Video tutorials are very effective, and text tutorials with lots of photos or screenshots can be the basis of your next ebook.

Product Demos

If you’re launching a new product, the blog is a great place to demonstrate how to use the product and show how it benefits your readers. Product demos are almost always in video because they provide a virtual tour of the product, allowing customers to see almost everything without touching it themselves.

Guest Posts

Finally, there’s no need to write all the content for your blog all by yourself all the time. Invite other bloggers in your field and experienced customers to write posts occasionally. You can also use this concept to foster a team culture in your business by asking each employee to submit blog topic ideas or write posts every month.

What business blog topic ideas have worked for your corporate blog? Share in the comments!