11+ Tweet Writing Tips for a Quick Start [+Examples]


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Does it ever feel like you’re struggling to gain any traction on Twitter?

You’re definitely not alone. With over 6,000 Tweets published each second, Twitter has a well-earned reputation of being something of a noisy network. Your lack of engagement could result from boring Tweet structures. Here are 11 tried-and-true Tweet writing formulas that really change everything:

1: Command Action

Social media scientist Dan Zarrella’s research confirms that action-inspired Tweets with more adverbs and verbs perform better. They receive significantly more adverbs and verbs than less action-inspired Tweets. See the example below:

Command Action

Examples of this Tweet writing formula:

2: Meta Mentions

Mentioning social media in your Tweets is proven successful. In fact, Tweets that contain the words “Facebook” or “Twitter” have been shown to perform 300% better than their counterparts.

Meta Mentions

Examples of this writing formula for Tweets:

  • Our latest eBook is making waves all over Twitter!
  • Is your business using both Facebook and Twitter for marketing? Why?

3: Mentions

If you mention someone, they’ll typically engage, and may even ReTweet you.


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Examples of this Tweet writing formula:

  • Check out our exclusive interview with content expert @annhandley!
  • Our friends @HNesterenko and @JenniferMBarry are debating content strategy like crazy!

4: Consumer Statistics

People love fresh data. Mequoda reports that statistics-based Tweets perform quite well.

Consumer Statistics

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Examples of this writing formula for Tweets:

  • 100% of our customers are satisfied! Learn why.
  • Did you know 75% of your peers hate pushy sales professionals?

5: Article Quotations

Headline and link. Let’s face it, most Tweets are basically the same thing. However, using a quotation from your article can garner some clicks and ReTweets. Researchers have found it really works, too!

Article Quotations

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Examples of this Tweet writing formula:

  • “We’re about to confess our biggest marketing mistakes, and here’s what happened.”
  • “Content is still king.” It’s true, and here’s why.

6: Ask a Relevant Question

You know your customers’ pain points, and common FAQ, right? Take advantage of this. Seeing the right question can build an instant camaraderie between consumers and brands.

Ask a Relevant Question

Examples of this writing formula for Tweets:

  • Do you ever feel like writing content takes too much time?
  • What do I serve health-conscious guests for dessert?

7: Problem + Solution

Your products and services solve people’s problems. Sometimes, making the connection between issue and solution can help your consumers connect the dots.

Problem + Solution

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Examples of this writing formula for Tweets:

  • Frustrated with your metrics? Consider freelance writing services.
  • Need time to get stuff done? Learn why better email management tools matter.

8: Super Short

Wordy Tweets don’t do well. They’re hard to ReTweet, and don’t always hold people’s attention. There’s no law that says you need to reveal everything about your link. In fact, sometimes, just don’t.

Super Short

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Examples of this Tweet writing formula:

  • What would you do?
  • You’re an Entrepreneur. What now?

9: Make Content Newsworthy

Do you have a big announcement? Some breaking industry news? Then by all means, present it like it’s the best thing that ever happened. Andrea Vahl recommends the “newsworthy” approach, including works like “new,” “announcing,” and “finally.”

Make Content Newsworthy

Examples of this writing formula for Tweets:

  • Breaking news! We now offer expanded hours at all locations!
  • Announcing a major breakthrough! Details here.

10: Extreme Enthusiasm

If you don’t act like your content or solutions are the best thing ever, will other people? Feel free to use superlatives to describe your articles, deals, and announcements.

Extreme Enthusiasm

Examples of this Tweet writing formula:

  • The MOST Comprehensive writing tips ever!
  • Our customers LOVE our delicious pear jam.

11: Imply Trends

People love to be the first to learn or discover something. Create Tweets that highlight an exclusive opportunity to gain an advantage.

Imply Trends

Examples of this writing formula for Tweets:

  • There are only 2 hours left until our spring preview sale ends!
  • Trending: Learn the top 10 content marketing resolutions for 2015.

12: Evoke Fear

Fear is a primal human emotion. What does your audience have to lose if they don’t listen to your expert advice or take immediate action?

Evoke Fear

Examples of this Tweet writing formula:

  • How 10 entrepreneurs lost at marketing
  • 5 major health risks you don’t even know about

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