20 Go-To Places for Newsletter Templates

If you’re using email marketing to promote your content, you’re certainly on the right track. Recent studies by MarketingSherpa have found that organizations across industries uniformly believe that email drives an incredible amount of ROI, illustrated below:

email ROI

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Other estimates put the figure much higher, at closer to $57.25 for every dollar invested in newsletters and other forms of email outreach. Regardless, it’s clear that email is still a pretty powerful means of reaching your prospects and customers. Sharing your content through this medium allows you to provide value to your audience, and remain top-of-mind with prospects who are considering a purchase.

To help you design an email that makes a serious impression, we’ve curated 20 of the most powerful resources for your program. We’ve featured a mix of companies with thousands of satisfied customers (and undoubtedly, loads of closed deals), and highly affordable templates that are beloved by businesses of all sizes. Any way you choose to go, these products will make it look like you’re a design pro:

1. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor newsletter templateImage source

All it takes is 60 seconds to build an original, HTML email newsletter template using Campaign Monitor’s products - no coding knowledge required! Your final product’s not just going to be gorgeous, it’s sure to resize perfectly for mobile devices and be tested on all major email platforms.

2. Active Campaign

The design geniuses at Active Campaign are pretty generous with the freebies - their website has dozens of newsletter templates for you to download and add to your preferred email marketing tool. Available options range from professional to fun, and many are highly customizable.

3. Smilebox

 Smilebox newsletter templates

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If you’re looking to do some advanced things with your email outreach, Smilebox’ interactive templates might be the right choice. With thousands of free and low-cost options available, they’re an easy-to-use resource for including video, slideshows, and collages.

4. Sendblaster

When you need an email newsletter template that’s anything but ordinary, Sendblaster’s library of 600+ free options is sure to have something that’s right for your organization. Available options include plenty of highly-specialized templates for industries that range from automotive to eCommerce.

5. Microsoft Office

There’s plenty of highly-professional options that are super easy to optimize that PC users can download directly. It’s important to note that while these options are free, the fact that they only integrate with Microsoft Outlook will limit your ability to run A/B tests or closely track your newsletter content metrics.

6. Constant Contact

One of the world’s most-beloved email marketing platforms offers loads of stylish and mobile-friendly templates. While usage is limited to Constant Contact customers, the site does offer a free 60-day trial so you can try before you buy.

7. Vertical Response

If the name of this brand sounds familiar, it’s probably because they’re one of the leading researchers on the science of email marketing. Like Constant Contact, their thousands of templates are limited to customers and free trial members. However, their program is especially awesome due to the drag-and-drop tools for simple customization.

8. Zurb

Responsive design is red hot for a reason - as mobile usage continues to skyrocket, there’s also a growing number of screen sizes on the market. Zurb’s templates are responsive, allowing your message to shine through load and clear whether your reader is on an iPad or Blackberry. Keep in mind that their templates are basic, so you’ll need to do some polishing before it’s ready to send.

9. MailChimp

MailChimp is a pretty major player in the marketing world, and their 5 million customers include both small businesses and major Fortune500 companies. Their customers can pick from loads of pre-made newsletter templates (including some fashionable flat design options), or build their own in minutes with the tool’s drag-and-drop editor.

10. MyEmma

Another major email marketing platform, MyEmma is beloved by the most sophisticated marketers for its easy-to-use A/B tests. Their templates range from the elaborate to straight-to-the-point options, and most are guaranteed to show up just fine on all kinds of mobile devices.

11. GraphicMail

If you’re looking for highly-visual email newsletter templates to really make your emails stand out in your prospects’ inbox, GraphicMail’s massive collection of options from highly talented designers may be your tool of choice. There’s no need to stick with your first pick, either - you simply pay a one-time membership fee for access to the collection.

12. Appetizer

 Appetizer new template

It’s apparent that this responsive design template via ThemeForest is targeted to restaurant owners, but that’s no reason why the rest of us can’t benefit from it’s highly visual, picture-heavy layout.

13. Aqua

Aqua newsletter template

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This pick has everything a small business needs from their newsletter templates - it’s responsive, socially-integrated, simple to customize, and affordable. It works well with both MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

14. TimeOut

 Timeout newsletter template

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Want the focus to truly be on your amazing content marketing? Then the simplicity and beauty of TimeOut, a visually-appealing but simple template might be just what you need. Like Aqua, it’s compatible with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, and it’s been carefully tested on both major email platforms and mobile devices.

15. Journey

 Journey newsletter template

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Hoping to start email marketing on a shoestring budget? Journey’s a great investment, considering it’s responsive and your purchase comes with free lifetime investments. As an added bonus, it’s design is both uber-modern and totally easy to personalize.

16. Storesletter

 Storesletter newsletter template

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Need a template that’s “designed to sell?” This one’s almost guaranteed to be a hit among your audience. It’s one of the top-rated options on newsletter template hub ThemeForest, and you’re able to pick from 3 layouts and 4 color schemes.

17. GitHub

Savvy enough to hack a little HTML? Then head to Github, the world’s largest hub for code-sharing, and scope out the pre-made templates that are completely free for your use. You’ll likely need to experiment a bit before it’s ready to send, but you can’t beat the price!

18. AntWort

It’s an unfortunate fact that many responsive email newsletter templates aren’t designed to work on Microsoft Outlook, which is still one of the leading platforms. AntWort is the exception to this rule, allowing you to simply maximize your impact - no matter where your clients decide to open your content.

19. Market

Know exactly what you’d like your newsletter to look like, but having trouble finding the perfect template? Market is a highly customizable template-building tool, offering 8 different layouts, 24 design elements, and 28 color schemes, so you can design and re-design to your heart’s content.

20. Freshmail

 Freshmail newsletter template

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This template is exactly what it sounds like, a breath of fresh air for the purists among us. It’s appearance is highly modern and minimalist, allowing you to shine the light on your content. It’s responsive, and can be customized.

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