The 20 Best Cover Letter Writing Services

If there is only one thing that can make your CV look better, it is a cover letter. It helps you get your foot in the door and say to your potential employer: ‘Hey there, please read me and pay attention.’ It may seem obvious and unnecessary. However, a couple of introductory phrases can make a whole world of difference.

Last year, I had a hard time writing more or less decent cover letters. I was looking for a job and sent dozens of CVs daily. Sometimes I even reduced my cover letter to minimalistic ‘Best regards’ and… never heard back from the recipients. In other words, I know it from my own experience that a properly formatted cover letter is as important as a suit and tie in your job interview.

Actually, I wasted many hours of my life sending CVs without cover letters. The situation changed drastically when I found a cover letter writing service. Simple grammar and proper format of cover letters created by professionals worked magic and hypnotized HR managers. I received a lot of job interview invitations and even became selective. Interestingly, such services can help you with resume writing as well. It is extremely important to find the right service you can trust though.

There are many cover letter writing services, here is a list of top 20 of them, in my opinion:


There are a number of reasons why Resumojo has become one of the top companies in the nation to provide resume services to executive, professional, and entry level job seekers. Their resume writers focus on your key achievements and qualifications for the job you are targeting to ensure your resume grabs the attention of a hiring manager at first glance. The company produces customized cover letters usually within 24 to 48 hours of initial contact.

Pricing: 6 packages are available and your order can be completed within 3 days:

  • Entry – 65.05$
  • Professional – 69.95$
  • Career Change – 83.94$
  • Executive – 104.93$
  • Military – 76.95$
  • Medical – 76.95$

Customer Reviews:

“Dear Resumojo, I was worried that my lack of work experience would keep employers from hiring me (I am a recent college graduate) but the writer highlighted my academic accomplishments and found transferable skills from my previous jobs that I can use in the job I am targeting. Thank you for all of your help, I greatly appreciate it.” – Chung C.

“This is my best resume editing service. They offered the cheapest price. – Betty Joyner”


Founded in 2010, Fiverr was developed as a freelancers’ marketplace where users can choose from a variety of services. They range from web development and design, digital marketing, video and animation, and business to cover letter writing, CV editing, and other types of services delivered out of the box. It is a good destination for those who look for professional cover letter writers. The platform has evolved boasting more than 3 million gigs and the database keeps growing. The service offers a simple principle where gigs (buyers) can offer a job while sellers will have a chance to get it by making bids. If a seller is satisfied with the offered bid, that task goes to a selected seller.

Pricing: The price is different depending on the specialist’s background and rate. The lowest gig per order can start from $5. However, it will be hard to find an experienced writer at that price. What’s more, you need to examine all reviews by previous customers to make sure a chosen seller will be able to complete the assignment. In general, the price varies between $15 and $50 for a cover letter delivered by writers with a 4.9-5.0 rate.

Customer Reviews:

“Great cover letter, good refresh of the CV, serious work, well done. All documents have been delivered in time. Thanks!” – loicboyer

“I’m regular client of masoomanaqvi93. She is a versatile writer and I really admire her communication skills. She is perfect for Cover letter and Resume writing. 100% recommended.” – johnkyeremeh292

3. Skillroads

Whereas I heard of this service before, I had no idea they can help with resume and cover letter writing as well. I enjoyed the individual approach used by Skillroads. Consultants are friendly but authoritative at the same time. Whenever I need help with my cover letter urgently, I would consider Skillroads as a good option.

Pricing: the price depends upon academic level and urgency. It ranges from $59 per page (doctoral level, the order will be completed within 3 days) tо $69 per page (doctoral level, the order will be completed within 48 hours).

Customer Reviews:

“Great company with great writers able to help in a moments notice with world class expertise. Will use again for future services!” – Victor T.

“I have used MANY writing services over the past four years. Most have been horrible, where I ended up having to correct simple grammatical mistakes. So happy to have found Skillroads. I have ordered over a dozen papers from them, with complete satisfaction. And once, when I was not happy, due to the assignment being late, I was refunded without an issue.” – Natalie


What I like most about this service is professionalism of their writers. Importantly, the service hires experienced workers for numerous professional fields. Here I found my perfect consultant match and fell in love with my own resume. I had no idea I had that much valuable skills to mention in my resume that might be interesting to HRs.

Pricing: the average cost of cover letter writing ranges from $30 to $75, while your order can be completed within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews:

“It keeps getting harder to find a reliable writing service and that is why I’m glad that I’ve found my dependable writing company much earlier! This is the best cover letter writing service ever!” – Precious L.


The service allows choosing different levels of writer’s expertise. For instance, I chose a mid-senior (3 – 9 years of expertise) for writing my resume and cover letter. The remaining options include entry level (0 – 2 years expertise) and senior-executive level (over 10 year expertise). With any of these options, you may enjoy a personalized cover letter. The consultant from this service not only helped me create an outstanding resume, but also motivated me to continue my professional growth.

Pricing: the standard cover letter cost is $49, there are three packages, including Entry Level Resume ($229), Mid-Senior Level ($278) and Senior-Executive Level ($329). Depending on expertise, experience and professional skills, you may choose a package that suits you best.

Customer Reviews:

“I just want to send a note of thanks for my resume and cover. Your advice is sound and implementing your feedback has renewed my confidence that I am representing myself in the best light possible.” – Carl Sagmeister


Whereas this service is the best choice for those residing in the UK, job seekers from Canada and Australia can find what they need here as well. Writers from the different corners of the world are available. Covering numerous career sectors, this company can help lawyers, economists, engineers and IT specialists. Dealing with a reliable company like this, I feel confident. The website shows top employers reached by their clients.

Pricing: there are four available options to choose from:

  • Speculative cover letter – €99
  • In-depth targeted cover letter – €225
  • Big 4/consultancy cover letter – €225
  • Investment Banking Graduate cover letter – €225

Customer Reviews:

“Useful workshops on CV writing and interview preparation, invaluable support with CV reorganisation and lovely team. I had my CV revamped and am pleased with the result. It will be a plus of my coming job position application. Thank you very much to all the team. Thank you all.” – Stella Ni

“I’m amazed by how professional my cover letter is: I had no idea what a difference a good cover letter could make. The outstanding one you prepared for me has resulted in positive responses to the first 4 positions I have applied for. Thank you!” – Susie


Despite its affordable prices, this service is convenient and helpful. A professional writer will begin work on your order as soon as LiveCareer receive your career information. Your customized cover letter will be ready in 2-3 business days following order initiation.

Importantly, they send a draft of your cover letter and you may comment on it. The collaboration with expert writers opened my eyes on what makes your cover letter attractive in the eyes of employers. This service helped me successfully complete my job seeking adventure.

Pricing: the cost of professional cover letter writing – $60. Depending on where you are located, foreign transaction fees may apply.

Customer Reviews:

“I ordered cover letter editing from them. What can i say, good work. they proofread it very thoroughly and i won the interview and got a job. Not sure if it is because if cover letter 🙂 But still… I recommend to use this service!” – Natali L.


The service employs recruiters to help applicants look better in the eyes of their colleagues. Needless to say that these writers have all the necessary knowledge and skills to show your best sides. You may use coupons that will make these services cheaper. Adding some spice to your resume and cover letter can be a good solution. You will receive your personalized resume and cover letter in Word and PDF formats.

Pricing: the price of a personalized cover letter – $99.

Customer Reviews:

“Excelent service, they’re fast and deliver what they’ve promised on time. They’ve improved my resume after having an interview over the phone with one of their representatives. The final product was awesome. I definitely recommend their services to anyone in the market looking for a new position.” – Dusan Milosavljevic

“My writer was very professional and maintained a customer focused attitude throughout many revisions. The response time was exactly as promised.” – Mark R.


One of the biggest advantages of this service is their understanding of what recruiters really want to see in your resume and cover letter. Their insider knowledge can be a recipe of success. They really made my resume and cover letter a bit more sophisticated. Interestingly, they simply rearranged and paraphrased what I already had, but it made a huge difference.

Pricing: Three options are available:

  • Single Cover Letter (either speculative or in response to a specific advertisement) – 25$.
  • 5 Letter Pack (a pack of five individual cover letters) – 70$.
  • Job Criteria Response Letter – 145$.

Customer Reviews:

“Was really happy with this service. Would recommend. There was an issue with the initial deadline, but I was refunded the cost of the express 24 hour service and received my first draft within hours of the refund being issued. Communication was fast and easy with my writer, who wrote me a great Resume. I had an interview within 2 days of approving the final draft.” – Gordon-Snyder


Whereas quitting a bad job is a valuable skill, lading then a good one is even more important. Cliff Flamer (the owner of this site) focuses on resume and cover letter writing. He knows this topic inside out and he is willing to help. Cliff promises to do all job herself without outsourcing anything. In this case, direct communication can help avoid any misunderstanding. Having your cover letter written properly can double your chances to capture recruiter’s attention. The mission of this company is to make your cover letter stand out and scream about your strengths.

Pricing: the price on cover letter writing – $195.

Customer Reviews:

“You think you know how to write your own resume, but you probably only THINK you do. The contrast between my best efforts and the first draft of my Brightside resume was simply astounding. I would so hire me now, not quite as sure about the guy in my old resume.” – John H.

“The great thing about this service is the service. You don’t really feel like you’ve walked away with a piece of paper. You’ve a got a real life bio that represents the person and his or her multi-disciplinary talents. In this challenging recruiting world, where flatness is frowned upon, Cliff makes you look like a vibrant holograph that steps off the page and starts taking.” – Kamal M.


Resume and cover letter writing could be easier if job market were less competitive. That is why the applicants who understand the real world situation use all the available methods to boost their chances. The CV Squad is one of the top online services offering professional assistance with cover letter writing. Along with assisting you with the writing part of your job search, the resource helps you find the best employer and job match. The career coaches can help even if you do not know what you actually need.

Pricing: the price on a cover letter depends upon a chosen category (early, mid, senior, executive or director specialist CV) and ranges from 14.95 to 39.95 Euro.

Customer Reviews:

“My writer, immediately understood what I needed and produced a very impressive CV. We both had IT clinches which caused a bit on a delay although time wasn’t of the essence. I would use and recommend to anyone.” – Jane


The unique feature offered by the Resume World is rush 24-hour delivery. In a world where millions text messages are created every second, is it important to be one of the first applicants. If you apply early and your resume and cover letter look decent and persuasive, the recruiter may choose you to save time. Therefore, the formula of job hunting success from the Resume World is to be quick and prepared. Their time-tested models and formulas have helped many people so far.

Pricing: the price on cover letter writing based on a detailed analysis of your target audience and requirements for the employer qualification is $95. Editing and improvement of a cover letter you have written yourself is $65.

Customer Reviews:

“Just wanted to let you know that my resume & cover letter were very effective. I had my first interview and am scheduled to meet again for a second interview.” – Michelle G.


By including the content that walks, talks and sells for you, promised by this site, into your cover letter, you may succeed. Whereas the site specializes in article and other web content writing, resume and cover letters are their services as well. Your skills and professional experience are the goods that require proper marketing and PR. In that regard, expert writing help may be the ingredient necessary for professional success. The unlimited revisions is an important advantage.

Pricing: the price on cover letter writing depends on word count, number of items, and deadline. There are two available options: standard (3-5 Days) or express (24 Hrs). There are also two available options of standard and premium quality. The minimal price is $25.

Customer Reviews:

“Started with having them write 3 short fashion related pieces to gauge the quality initially and since then we’ve never stopped working with them. So far they’ve already written over 100 pieces for us with more on the way. The quality of content is really second to none. Highly Recommended!” – Kasper Vardrup


If you are looking for not only cover letter writing assistance, but also expert advice, this site is the go-to place. They offer several packages to cover different needs of different clients. These guys can transform your CV to boost its effectiveness. The CV Store website convinced me that paying a professional to write my CV does make a lot of sense.

Pricing: the prices start at £17.99 (VAT included) with a 48-72 deadline or a 24 hour express option (+£18.00) or 6 hour same day (+£36.00).

Customer Reviews:

“Fast, efficient with nothing seeming to be a problem. Finished cover letter shows great results.” – David

“Excellent (used multiple times) – the benefit of them being a small company is that they make you feel like you’re the only client they have. Used a different company last year and it seemed they just mass-produced everything, rather than being a one-on-one service like The CV Store.” – Liam A.


Writing to be understood is true art, and this service creates masterpiece resumes and cover letters. Clients may choose deadlines from 24 hours to 7 days. The company employs writers specializing in over 25 different fields. The writers are located in different corners of the world, including but not limited to US, UK and Middle East. It allows complying with specific regional requirements. In addition, the service offers not only writing and editing your CV and cover letter, but even SEO optimizing it.

Pricing: the price on cover letter writing is 15$ (2-4 days), or in case of express delivery – 24 Hours + 9$.

Customer Reviews:

“I had heard about Art2Write from a colleague who is now working with a reputed bank because of you people. Now you would get recommendations from my side. Very good work and yes unique resumes.” – L. Cupert


A perfect alternative to reading numerous “Cover Letters for Dummies” guides. The service is goal-oriented, and it focuses on what is necessary – interviews and job offers. The company offers assistance on different stages of career development, and cover letter writing help is one of their strongest assets. Their writing consultants specialize in narrow fields of knowledge and career, including those of technical and creative careers, for instance. The numerous certificates and mentions in literature guarantee satisfaction.

Pricing: there are six packages, including Entry ($55-95), Professional ($65-105), Career Change ($75-115), Executive ($85-125), Military ($65-105) and Federal ($75-115). Depending on experience, professional skills and how quickly you need to write a cover letter, you may choose a package that suits you best.

Customer Reviews:

“I thought it was easy to write a resume and cover letter, but I was very, very wrong. When I had to apply for my first job, it was impossible for me to get these documents ready. I decided to order them online and I chose Careers Booster because it was affordable and it seemed reliable. Good decision! I got an interview thanks to these writers.” – Gary M.


One of the greatest features offered by this company is free resume health check. In other words, you may receive professional advice, not paying for it. You will most likely want to receive professional help in eliminating drawbacks detected in your resume and LinkedIn profile though. Specializing in Australian labor market, this site can help people from other locations as well. The site claims to be one of top ten resume writing services globally.

Pricing: 4 packages are available:

  • Bronze Package – 125$
  • Silver Package – 175$
  • Gold Package – 225$
  • Platinum Package – 300$

Customer Reviews:

“Having recently used the services of Content Development Pros to update my resume from a European to North American style, I must say how impressed I was with the end result. With such a diverse skillset accrued over much experience in quite a few specialisms, I was impressed by how they were able to surmise succintly such diversity in meaningful and coherent way. At last I was able to deduce precisely which occupation ‘best’ encapsulates my diverse skillset, and am now able to focus on a specific job title, not generalize, making job search more efficient. I found the Content Development Pros team members thorough in every aspect of their work, and very responsive to enquiry. You may wait a little longer than other providers for the end result, but in doing so the quality of work and accuracy to detail prevail. Well worth the wait if you want it right first time. Thank you team Pro!” – Paul Vancouver


Along with resume and cover letter writing and editing, this service offers moral support in fighting fear of rejection and unemployment. An experienced team knows the difference between an amateur and professional resume. Their experienced and certified staff offers professional writing help that can make your life better. Instead of sending your existing resume, you may fill in an online questionnaire to provide all the necessary information. To do magic with your resume and cover letter, writers use trigger words, which attract attention of employers and tracking systems.

Pricing: 49$ for cover letter writing.

Customer Reviews:

“I’d like to thank you for your help! I really like my resume and LinkedIn profile.” – Cihat Arabacioglu


The service will make your resume and cover letter interesting in the eyes of recruiters. This service claims that every sentence should address the main goal of applicants, getting that dream job. Another important aspect is using persuasive language. Sometimes using more convincing language and grammar can make a big difference. That is the job that The Resume Writers successfully does for thousands of clients annually.

The most notable features:

  • One of Australia’s few face to face providers
  • 85% of clients employed in 3 months
  • University-trained, in-house writers
  • No overseas or outsourced writers

Pricing: The website does not indicate a fixed cost for the company’s services. To find out the cost of writing a resume for you, you need to:

  • Fill out a special form.
  • Conduct an information gathering session.
  • Take a special quiz.

Customer Reviews:

“This service is unique. I’ve been through a number of services like this, but this one is by far the best that I have used to do my cover letter. It helped me to reach my goals… and go beyond my expectations!” – Jane B.


Professional resume writers from this company will assist you starting from the moment you upload your resume until your admission and the first day in your new position. Resume writers and editors may help you with all stages in your job search. Uploading your existing resume is optional. Alternatively, you may order a cover letter or a CV from scratch. The service can call you back the same day to clarify all the instructions and expectations.


Pricing: the price on cover letter writing depends upon experience level. The cheapest one is Entry (0-1year) – $59, the most expensive one is Executive level (> 20years) – $119.

Customer Reviews:

“Amazing services provided by your company. Very friendly and helpful employees. The whole service package proved to be very helpful for me in the times when I needed the most. Thanks a lot to the whole team. And good luck!” – Deepti Bisht

Your career growth may depend upon your choice of a cover letter writing service. Wording and format of your cover letter may grab recruiter’s attention or leave your resume unnoticed and unwanted. Thus, the number of your interview invitations and even your future salary to a certain extent depend upon cover letter as the first contact, which should not be underestimated.