Have you ever watched a movie and, out of nowhere, a scene takes place that is somehow so “off” that it jars you out of the narrative and back to reality? Sloppy storytelling is confusing and frustrating, whether it’s in a movie or on a website.

A blog post or article will succeed or fail based on whether it engages the audience in a clear and consistent way. Here are nine writing strategies that can help you snag your readers and keep them interested.

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Wondering which writing tips will actually boost your productivity and success? Whether you write for a living or maintain a blog on the side, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out in an ocean of writers and content. Fortunately, there are ways to make your writing more engaging while streamlining your writing process. Following is a list of effective writing tips that can help you create standout content more efficiently.

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SEO writing tips in 2014? With all that has happened in search in recent years, do we really even need them? The answer is yes. Despite all the speculation in the industry, SEO is not dead, and it can still help you rank in SERPs when creating content.

Don’t worry, no keyword spamming or black hat tactics. I’m talking about writing optimized content using Google-friendly best practices. After all, when you spend time and money on quality content, your prospects should be able to find it.

Want to get a leg up on your competitors? Need to generate more leads and sales for your business? Here is a collection of must-know tips to boost the visibility of your web pages.

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If you want to be competitive as a copywriter, your work needs to be optimized for SEO. What is the point of writing an amazing and compelling article if people can’t find it on the web?

92% of marketers say that content creation is very effective for SEO.  It is definitely effective, but only if you know how to create content that’s perfectly optimized for the latest rules of SEO.

If you are a newbie to the world of SEO copywriting, this is a must-read list. If you are a professional at SEO copywriting, I’m sure you will still discover new tips and information for yourself.

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Learning to write well is not a quick and easy process. It takes time and experience to know which writing tactics to keep in your toolbox and which ones to avoid.

The following common mistakes are ones most writers make when starting out, but whether you’re a new or seasoned writer you’re better off avoiding these writing tactics.

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What is the secret behind the perfect blog post?

Is it the formatting, the research, the editing, the optimization, or the images?

The answer is yes. Yes, to all of those things. There’s quite a few factors that go into exceptional content marketing. Failing to perform any of these areas well can limit your blog’s success. Studies show that over 90% of marketers today are publishing custom content. There’s no lack of competition, which is all the more reason to ensure your work really shines. Here are the factors that go into an exceptional blog:

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Productivity is huge in freelance writing and blogging. Like, make or break your business huge.

What a lot of people don’t often realize is that any freelance writer actually has a ton of stuff to do.

First and foremost, there’s the actual work: the article writing/blogging/copywriting.

Then, there are clients to email. Prospects to Skype. Sources to interview. Other freelancers to communicate with. Invoices to send. Finances to keep track of. Health insurance to pay. Personal marketing to do.

I hope you’re getting the picture.

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