The Content Marketer’s Horoscope

With 91% of B2B marketers using custom content creation, a new professional has emerged over the previous several years. Content marketers are among the most-innovative minds in business today, and may combine their talents for writing, video product, and social media in a single workday.

We’ve looked towards the stars to predict what professionals in the field can expect in their immediate future, as well as recommendations on how you can control your destiny:


March 21-April 19

Content Marketer - Aries

You’re a natural-born leader, highly adventurous, and always up for seeking a good thrill. We predict plenty of newsjacking and surprising content on your blog in the weeks to come. Today, ensure your Google news alerts are set, so you’ll be the first to write about breaking trends.

  • Your Challenge: While it’s in your stars to be experimental, realize that tried-and-true content formats, like case studies, are still utilized for a reason.
  • Solution: 62% of decision makers use search to find branded case studies. Ensure your content is technical and compelling enough to appeal to your end user.


April 20-May 20

Content Marketer - Taurus

Taurus, you are among the most-stubborn and mysterious among us. Beneath your cool and collected exterior lies an unshakeable desire for success. Stay strong, power through that ground-breaking eBook you’ve got in the works, and know your efforts will pay off shortly.

  • Your Challenge: With great tenacity comes a tendency towards stubbornness. Your challenge is to realize that content marketing is highly dynamic, and embrace new formats, tactics and trends.
  • Solution: The average content marketer uses an average of 12 different content marketing tactics. Make it your goal to embrace at least 13.


May 21-June 20

Content Marketer - GeminiFew signs can rival your intense desire for the limelight, Gemini. With a secret desire to stay one step ahead of other marketers, you’re always on the hunt for the most-original ideas. Fortunately, both Google and readers love fresh, high-quality content, so follow your instincts, and you will prevail in the weeks to come.

  • Your Challenge:  Much like 64% of marketers, your biggest challenge is producing enough content.
  • Solution: Realize outsourcing is a viable option - it’s why 44% of marketers are using freelancers or contractors in some capacity.


June 21-July 22 

Content Marketer - CancerYou’re a real bundle of contradictions, Cancer. Behind your spotless content is a writer with a desire to be loved and accepted. Your passionate nature is the perfect match for content marketing, and you’ll find a new obsession to dive into by the end of the day. Turn your latest marketing obsession into a blog series, and watch your digital influence soar.

  • Your Challenge: Many writers struggle to quell their natural tendency to self-edit while writing.
  • Solution: Invest in an app to improve your content velocity, like Write or Die.


July 23-August 22 

Content Marketer - LeoLeo, you’re a real star. The limelight suits you, and your vibrant personality is the perfect match to take center stage as a keynote speaker at the next conference. Your stars are aligned today to pitch a guest post to a high-visibility blog.

  • Your Challenge: Everyone can struggle to gain a dedicated audience online, and while the average marketer uses 5 social media sites to distribute content, some networks may be ignored.
  • Solution: Use your natural star power to carve out a niche on a newer social media network, like Slideshare, Quora, or Instagram.


August 23-September 22

Content Marketer - VirgoAs one of the most caring and compassionate signs, people are naturally drawn to your content for it’s incredibly-helpful approach. Take the step to share your natural talent as a teacher a bit more by planning a webinar to share your knowledge.

  • Your Challenge: 35% of content marketers struggle with a lack of training and resources, a figure that likely includes members of your team.
  • Solution: Step up, aggressively pursue education, and share your knowledge with your teammates.


September 23-October 22

Content Marketer - LibraYour natural happiness is a perfect fit for social media, so don’t be afraid to try new tactics to promote your content in the weeks to come. Your charm has won you friends, fans and readers so far! By simply being yourself on networks, your readership base can double.

  • Your Challenge: Over 1/4 of content marketers lack the appropriate budget or human resources to get the job down.
  • Solution: If there was anyone able to charm their boss into giving over more department funding, or identify affordable outsourcing options, it’s you.


October 23-November 21

Content Marketer - ScorpioThere’s absolutely nothing more unstoppable than a Scorpio with a mission. You’re wise beyond your years, and among the most tenacious content marketers. Take time today to review your blog metrics, and set a goal for increasing your traffic at least 20% in the next month. We know you’ll achieve anything you put your mind to.

  • Your Challenge: Content marketing simply isn’t effective without a long term strategy or goals.
  • Solution: Map what your company hopes to achieve in the next quarter through custom content, and improve your efforts to increase revenue, website traffic, or leads accordingly.


November 22-December 21

Content Marketer - SiggitariusYou’re a free spirit, and a natural fit for the profession of content marketing due to your penchant for learning. Your blog content and social media channels are never stagnant, so your task is to reward yourself. Pack your laptop, buy a ticket to a gorgeous tropical destination, and write some brilliant content on the beach. You’ve earned it.

  • Your Challenge: Your content can be highly informative and perfectly-edited, but if it’s not engaging, it won’t earn social shares.
  • Solution: Use your natural ingenuity to determine ways to boost the engagement potential of your marketing materials.


December 22-January 19

Content Marketer - CapricornYou don’t really need any encouragement to push your career any further, Capricorn. As one of the most-motivated and ambitious signs, you only need to relax in between your speaking engagements at conferences, interviews, and content creation. Take time today to step back from your screens and explore life offline. You’ll still be an influencer when you return from your mini-break.

  • Your Challenge: With 91% of companies starting to segment their content, a majority of marketers are struggling to reconcile the need for highly targeted information and producing a higher velocity.
  • Solution: There’s no room on the internet for irrelevant content, so your challenge is to determine a system that’s built to scale.


January 20-February 18

Content Marketer - AquariusWhile your co-worker might brag about being an early adopter, we both know you’re the one who invents their new app. No one is more innovative than an Aquarius. Take time to explore highly innovative forms of content today, like podcasting or Slideshare.

  • Your Challenge: One of the most depressing facts about content marketing today is that 39% of your peers believe that between limited training, resources, and management buy-in, it’s impossible to succeed.
  • Solution: Increase your usage of blog marketing metrics and analytics to make your marketing spend go further than ever.


February 19-March 20

Content Marketer- PiscesDon’t worry, Pisces. We know you’re among the most talented content marketers on the block, even though you might have tendencies to second-guess your abilities. You’re a real visionary, so your task today is to be bold. Executive that wild idea in your content calendar, and just hit publish.

  • Your Challenge: 31% of marketers feel their efforts lack integration across platforms. Your social media and content efforts will be far more effective if they’re aligned.
  • Solution: Take the initiative to expand your company’s editorial calendar to include content offers, guest posts, blog articles, and social media.

We are all ears to hear your feedback on this exclusive horoscope! Please drop us a few lines in the comment section below.