10 great advantages of outsourcing content creation

If you’re debating between outsourcing content creation and getting it all done in-house, you have to know the pros and cons of each situation to make the best decision for your investment. Consider these advantages of using an article or blog writing service to help you create the unique content your customers love.

Outsourced vs In-house Content Creation

1. Save Money On Employee Benefits, Seasonal work, And Specific Projects.

Outsourcing saves you money. When you hire a reputable writing agency to create content for your content marketing plan, you save money by not:

  • providing benefits for new full-time employees
  • hiring temporary workers for busy seasons or projects
  • giving current employees specialized training so they can complete certain projects

By outsourcing your blog posts, articles, newsletters, and other content projects, you can be more flexible with your budget and your content marketing calendar. When things get busy, hiring an outside firm to handle some of your content helps you keep up without the cost and hassle of part-time or seasonal employees. When you want to jump on a content marketing trend, outsourcing some of that content creation allows you to try something new and stay in budget.

Even better, saving money by outsourcing unique content creation means more money to put toward to other important projects and business objectives.

2. Save Time With Fast Turnaround And Multitasking.

Outsourcing saves you time. The best writing agencies deliver high-quality work in a relatively short amount of time, depending on the scope of the project. For example, short content pieces like blog posts and articles often take a week or less. You get the content you need when you need it, saving time and keeping up with your content marketing calendar.

Hiring an outside writing firm also saves you time by allowing you to complete multiple projects at the same time. While the firm pumps out weekly blog posts, for example, you can devote the time you would have spent writing blogs on bigger projects like ebooks or white papers.

If you’re still not convinced, look at your editorial calendar and ask yourself how long it takes you and your in-house team to research each subject, create each piece of content, and gather materials like images or quotes for each one. If you have more to do than just content creation, consider how much time outsourcing some of that would save you and how much more you could get done.

3. Take Advantage Of Others’ Expertise.

Outsourcing allows you to use the knowledge and abilities of others that you and your team don’t have. Using others’ expertise can take many forms, such as writing skills or knowledge of a particular medium or subject.

For example, if you’re in charge of the company blog but don’t write well, don’t understand SEO or blogging, or don’t know enough about your industry, hiring a blog writing service to take care of it for you is a smart idea. That way, the blog posts will be well written, properly optimized for search engines, effective at generating engagement, and in-depth enough to satisfy your audience.

Additionally, taking advantage of an outside writing service’s expertise builds your own expertise and thought leadership in the eyes of your audience, building your appeal and spreading awareness of your brand.

4. Maintain Your Enthusiasm.

Outsourcing unique content creation helps you stay excited about your business and products. Researching and writing content, determining the best types of content to use, deciding when and how to employ content marketing, and other tasks quickly drain your enthusiasm. And it’s hard to write the passionate content your customers want when you feel burnt out.

By outsourcing some or all of your content creation needs, you can keep your passion and enthusiasm about your company and conserve your energy for other projects. At the same time, the writing agency’s writers inject that same passion and excitement into the content they create for you, so both you and your customers can be excited about what you do.

5. Get Better Results For Your Investment.

Outsourcing content creation helps you get more traffic, more engaged readers, and more leads.

Outsourcing Content Creation - Get Better Results For Your Investment

High-quality writing firms employ writers who know how to:

  • optimize content to get more traffic from search engines
  • write engaging, compelling content
  • use calls to action and other techniques to convert visitors to leads

If you and your team aren’t skilled at getting the kinds of results you need your content marketing strategy to deliver, outsourcing to an article or blog writing service helps you get more bang for your content buck.

6. Introduce Best Practices, Standardization, And Consistency.

Outsourcing content creation helps you maintain a high level of quality throughout long projects and across all types of content. If writing isn’t your strong suit, keeping everything consistent and up to date with best practices – or even knowing what best practices are – can be tough.

When you outsource to a blog writing service or other unique content creators, the writers working on your projects are all professionals who know how to maintain the standardization that is crucial to branding, reputation, and successful content marketing.

Several quality checks, revisions, suggestions, and strict adherence to your company style guide mean your outsourced content will be more than well written. It will be effective and perfectly matched to your business.

7. Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Outsourcing to a reputable blog writing service or content agency can dramatically improve your content marketing strategy, and even help you create one if you haven’t yet. Because they’re in the business of creating effective unique content, business writing firms know:

  • what types of content are the most effective for different goals
  • which tools to use to create and promote your content
  • how to evaluate and analyze content and results
  • what to change to keep getting results

If you don’t have a content marketing plan yet, a content agency can help you understand the basics and implement the most important techniques. If you do have a content strategy, discussing it with professional content creators can help you make sure your content is as effective as possible.

8. Gain A Trusted Content Marketing Partner.

Outsourcing to the right agency creates a strong, dependable relationship you can use to create and promote more and better unique content. By getting to know your business and industry, your content creation firm can write more effectively and ethically and with a high level of quality and enthusiasm. The agency becomes the partner you trust to help you make the most of your content.

When your outsourced writing team becomes a trusted extension of your in-house team, you have more than increased capacity. You have people you can rely on to get the job done well and on time, who go above and beyond your expectations, and who really want to help you succeed. Those kinds of business relationships are invaluable.

9. Share And Promote Your Content With Greater Reach.

Outsourcing content creation can help you get your content in front of more people. Many writing firms are also proficient in social media, meaning they can help you craft a strong social media marketing plan and create share-worthy content and calls to action.

The best writing agencies also share the content they help you create with their own networks. So not only is your content more effective and shared more often, it’s also seen and shared by more people originally, extending your reach exponentially.

10. Create A Wide Range Of Content Types.

Outsourcing content creation allows you to experiment with many different types of content, which has several accompanying benefits.

First, it helps you avoid the additional training or stress that creating multiple types of content in-house might cause, especially for smaller businesses who don’t have specialists for each department.

Second, it allows you to partner with one content development firm instead of hunting down a separate writer for each type of content you need, saving lots of time and strengthening a single relationship.

Third, experimenting with different types of content helps you see what works best for your company and what your customers prefer, so you can hone your content marketing strategy and increase ROI.

Other Advantages of Outsourcing Content Creation

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of outsourcing, here are 15 more reasons to outsource your blog and article marketing.

Do you use a blog writing service to outsource some of your unique content needs? Why or why not? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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