Top Marketing Events & Conferences of 2024

Marketing Events & Conferences

Digital marketing industry changes so fast that it’s of crucial importance for every professional marketer to keep abreast of the major marketing industry news and events.

Visiting different trade shows, summits, forums and marketing conferences is a great opportunity to become immersed in sharing your knowledge with the brightest and the best people in the industry.

These events are very important tools in everyday marketer’s job, and they are vital to achieving your professional goals.

So, let’s not waste our time and pass on choosing the marketing events that’ll bring some value to our businesses.

Date: January, 9-11, 2024 (Las Vegas, USA)

Event: Traffic & Conversion Summit 2024

Official Overview: The Traffic and Conversion Summit is a yearly conference all about online marketing, especially ads and making more people take action. In this three-day event, you’ll learn special tricks for online marketing that help bring in more visitors and make more sales.

This summit is a great opportunity for online marketers, e-commerce experts, and growth hackers to find out about the newest and most successful strategies in online marketing.

During the summit, there will be talks about marketing that focuses on customers, new ways to get more visitors, the latest techniques to make people take action, and smaller group sessions.

Date: February, 18 – 20, 2024 (San Diego, CA)

Event: Social Media Marketing World

Official Overview: Improve your social media know-how at the fantastic beaches of San Diego in this can’t-miss social media conference. Learn from the top experts in this 10th yearly gathering and stay ahead of your competition in a constantly changing field.

Date: March 21, 2024 (The Foundry, Thibodaux, LA)

Event: Reach Marketing Conference

Official Overview: If you want a smaller and friendlier conference, Reach might be just what you need. Connect with marketers from various organizations and hear speakers from all around Louisiana to boost your marketing skills.

Date: April, 24 – 26, 2024 (MGM Grand, Las Vegas)

Event: Experiential Marketing Summit 2024

Official Overview: EMS is the top conference for brand experience creators, getting you ready for what’s next. Brand-side marketers lead the ultimate three-day conversation, addressing challenges and finding solutions to thrive in the next era of experiential marketing.

The Experiential Marketing Summit is the mega-show for brand-side marketers, executives, planners, strategists, designers, technology experts, and more.

Only at EMS, your teachers and mentors are the brands you know, love, and respect. From breakout sessions to workshops, Q&As, power panels, and keynotes, get senior-level perspectives on the current and future experiential marketing landscape. The Summit delivers mission-critical trends, best practices, and how-tos in experiential marketing.

Date: May, 5 – 8, 2024 (Austin, Texas, USA)

Event: B2B Summit North America

Official Overview: Economic uncertainty and generative AI have shaken many businesses. At an inflection point, Millennial and Gen Z buyers now surpass Baby Boomer and Gen X buyers in both numbers and influence. These buyers have different expectations and lack trust in marketing and sales interactions. Firms tied to traditional approaches will fail amid this disruption. To thrive beyond 2024, B2B professionals must reinvent their strategy, technology, and operations to embrace possibilities.

The time is now to transform businesses, but it must be a collective effort. When marketing, sales, and product align with shared objectives and insights, a strong foundation is laid to succeed in this new era. Join B2B Summit North America to:

  • Gain insights on evolving customers and buyers for unique experiences.
  • Learn strategies for functional alignment focused on customer value and growth.
  • Discover practical ways data, technology, and AI can enhance competitiveness.
  • Understand how to evolve go-to-market approaches and revenue processes.

Date: June, 3-4, 2024 (Seattle)

Event: MozCon

Official Overview: Marketers from various backgrounds are invited to come together to explore the future of Digital Marketing, learn from industry experts, and connect with peers for a truly unforgettable two-day experience.

From topics like ChatGPT, E-E-A-T, and TikTok to the newest ranking factors and algo updates, MozCon’s speakers delve into the hottest and latest subjects in the rapidly changing world of SEO and Content Marketing.

There’s an electricity to MozCon — see for themselves!

Date: July, 11-12, 2024 (Westin San Francisco Airport, San Francisco, CA)

Event: DigiMarCon Silicon Valley 2024

Official Overview: DigiMarCon Silicon Valley, the top Digital Marketing, Media, and Advertising Conference & Exhibition in Silicon Valley. Join your peers either in person or online for two days filled with digital marketing best practices, the latest trends, practical solutions, strategy, and networking. Explore the next generation of technology and innovation: Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech & SaaS Technology.

Be part of DigiMarCon Silicon Valley 2024 and learn how to thrive and succeed as a marketer in a fast-changing digital world. Enjoy top keynotes, case studies, strategy sessions, networking, and more!

Date: August, 12-15, 2024 (The Sheraton, Boston)

Event: The eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference

Official Overview: eTail is the most exciting marketing event of the summer! If you’re ready to boost your business, don’t miss this action-packed conference.

Over four days, you’ll hear from some of America’s most successful retailers and learn how they increased profits with clever strategies and fresh ideas. No commercials. Еhe organizers of event cut out the fluff to provide you with hundreds of strategic takeaways. It’s time for you to join the fun!

Date: September, 17-20, 2024 (Boston, USA)

Event: INBOUND 2024 – HubSpot’s Marketing & Sales Conference

Official Overview: Inbound 2024 is a top marketing conference happening in Boston. It’s a 3-day event for marketing pros, agencies, and brands.

Inbound 2024 is a great place for marketers to connect, learn, and share experiences. With its lively and smart mix, attendees will leave feeling inspired, prepared, and ready for new challenges.

Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or creative professional, INBOUND gives you a chance to connect, collaborate, and create with like-minded folks from around the world.

Date: October, 3-4, 2024 (The Brighton Centre, UK)

Event: brightonSEO – Search Marketing Conference

Official Overview: BrightonSEO, one of the longest-running conferences in the UK, is all about search marketing. We’ve been there many times, and every time has been a fantastic experience.

It’s an opportunity for SEOs to meet, learn, and improve their work. You get a chance to attend a conference with sessions from some of the world’s best search marketers. Plus, you might even snag a free ticket as conference organizers give away thousands through their ballot.

Date: November, 12-14, 2024 (Omni Boston Hotel, Boston)

Event: 2024 MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Official Overview: Run by MarketingProfs, the B2B Forum is where marketers can discover ways to increase profits, build a strong brand, show ROI, and stay ahead of the curve. The B2B Marketing Forum is made for business professionals and B2B marketers looking to improve their marketing strategies through learning opportunities.

Date: December, 4 – 5, 2024 (Dallas, TX)

Event: Digital Summit: Dallas

Official Overview: For the last 15 years, Digital Summit has been the main resource for marketers wanting to grow their knowledge and skills in the always-changing digital world. This is a collection of in-person and online events that offers training and networking for marketers at any level, no matter the industry.

Still not sure whether you need attend any of those events?

Reasons for Attending Conferences

Here are a few reasons why you need to find some time in your busy schedule and attend at least several marketing conferences this year.

1. Learning and Sharing Knowledge.

You will be able to capture knowledge of the latest trends and challenges facing the digital marketing industry, learn new tools and the most useful features and how to implement them in your marketing campaigns to move your business to the next level, get answers to questions which you are conscious about or get approval of the direction your business is moving to.

2. Inspiring and Generating New Ideas.

Since there are so many creative and bright people attending marketing conferences, they definitely share their new and genuine ideas with other attendees. You may be inspired by someone’s presentation or personality, and that may lead to creating and considering your own innovative ideas or starting to thing about things differently.

3. Building Relations.

Attending big gatherings is a great opportunity to meet new people, communicate with them, build partnership relations that will help your business to grow, or find sponsors for your new projects.

Hope I have managed to assure you that participating in conferences is worth investing your time to.

Have you found anything interesting for yourself? How is your own list of marketing events to attend in 2013 looks like?  In case I have missed any of those you like to visit, share them with me.